Friday, January 20, 2012

Cinemagogue tackles Underworld (and other films and shows)

Some of the film presentations from the early, early days aren't listed (Akira, Dracula 2000, Magnolia, Profit, Perfect Blue, or Rope for instance) and some more recent presentations about the Lonnie Frisbee documentary aren't in the catalog.  But all the same the catalog is still a pleasingly comprehensive survey of all the films and TV shows James has discussed or written about over the years serving in ministry at Mars Hill. 

I mention James' site because I like it and because James and his wife were the people who showed the pilot Justice League at one of their parties.  James and his wife are also, not coincidentally for me, the first people I ever met in my life where they threw parties that don't suck.  No offense to people who invited me to parties earlier intended, and I've met other folks in the last ten years who throw great parties.  It's just that in my life the first people I met who threw awesome parties have been Harlemans.  I stand by that.  I've been very happy and honored to know them over the last decade and hope for the best for the future of cinemagogue and James' work there.  Feel free to peruse Cinemagogue and I hope you have fun with it.

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