Friday, January 20, 2012

at last, some progress

I've completed parts 1 through 3 of, erm, part four, aka "The Wounds of Discovery".  When DZ suggested I tackle writing about the DCAU it had not dawned on me that I'm basically writing a book's worth of criticism and analysis of superhero cartoons helmed by Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, and company.  But so it has been.  Parts 4 and 5 need to get written and there's a bunch of other stuff I want to tackle, too, that I keep alluding to but not actually discussing here. 

The title is turning out to be an exercise in dry irony as my examination of different villains is revealing that these thugs and schemers don't actually discover anything about their own broken moral compasses.  But their maladaptive reactions to injuries and insults real and imagined certainly helps them discover that they want things they are willing to pursue in villainous ways. 

A memorable villain often wants something that is good but for a bad reason or is willing to use terrible methods to obtain that good.  It is axiomatic that a great villain thinks he or she is actually a hero.  I've tried knocking out parts 4 and 5 but this has been a very challening series to work on even if I discount the off-line/real world distractions of holidays, family events, eye surgery, job hunting, recovering from eye surgery, and the continuing process of getting a musical work published.

But I'm more out of steam than I thought I would be and here I was going for another writing marathon.  So much for that.  Now there's the process of a hundred visions and revisions before the taking of toast and tea and all that.

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