Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jared Wilson, Prepare for Later Now--Ecclesiastes 12 and the weakness of the body

Jared Wilson writes about Ecclesiastes 12 and the fleeting powers of youth.  I add merely as a comment that for people who have grown up with disabilities those freedoms of youth have not always been entirely present.  Many young men and women live so comfortably within the bounds of their physical forms facing the slow and steady decline of the body is part of the dread of aging.  It is, frankly, a dread of aging, to discover the various ways in which your body can fail you, or that you can fail your body.  Many people, particularly young men it seems, may not realize that that body they have will one day fail. 

Any kid who has ever been called "four eyes" already has some idea of bodily limitation.  And a corresponding reality about growing up with a disability of some kind is you don't mind what you've never had most of the time.  Still, there are always moments where there may be something you can't do that others can do.  If the South Park episode "Gray Dawn" is any indication a lot of old people spend so many decades driving it just doesn't occur to them that they should no longer be driving out of consideration for other drivers.  Obviously this is not intended to be a particularly serious or extensive reflection here if I'm ending with reference to a South Park episode.

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