Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So the latest Green Lantern trailer has come out

The first trailer was bad. The second trailer was better. This third trailer just eschews all pretense of trying to be hip or cool or funny and just goes for broke with magical greens and yellows. It's in this third trailer that I, as someone who admittedly is not the biggest Green Lantern fan, get the distinct impression that the Green Lantern oath reads/recites like an outtake track from a Moody Blues album, specifically Days of Future Passed. Don't misunderstand me, there are two really awesome songs on that album!

If there was a Hollywood production in which Uncanny Valley shouldn't be a problem this is it. Green energy constructs made from willpower just have no reason to look realistic. Fanboys better not complain about how stupid-looking the energy constructs are. As a Batman and Spiderman fan to Green Lantern fans, don't get pissy too soon. We Batman fans got Adam West Batman and Batman & Robin, after all. I have a soft spot for the Adam West Batman movie and I'm willing to admit that Julie Newmar as Catwoman was pretty cute. Everyone grants that Richard Donner's Superman movie has aged badly in a few spots and is kinda goofy. There's a certain amount of goofiness we can and should tolerate in a Green Lantern movie. That doesn't mean it couldn't also be fun.

Martin Campbell successfully rebooted James Bond twice with GoldenEye and Casino Royale. Ryan Reynolds may not seem like a promising choice but, as Batman fans have noted, Michael Keaton was considered all wrong for Bruce Wayne twenty odd years ago and now there are fanboys who bitterly complain that Keaton was the most awesomest Bruce Wayne ever and Christian Bale stinks. As for the other characters, I admit I can't speak to those. I can only repeat my amusement that an on-line poster said that if Carol Ferris' distinguishing feature is killer legs than Blake Lively brings it. Sadly virtually no superhero stories have ever had use for female characters who were more than weepy damsels in distress or glamorous arm candy for the hero to claim after the battle is over. Just ask Stan Lee. Meanwhile, time will tell how this Green Lantern movie turns out.

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