Saturday, May 19, 2018


much as I'm loving the blogging-through-Koshkin's 24 preludes and fugues series that's going to be temporarily on hold.  There's a few reasons.  One is that we're hitting parts of the cycle where a guitarist has to sit down and do some score work and on-instrument work.  That will take some time.

And ... there's a book that's out that we're going to discuss by way of review here just like I said we would at the end of last year, Jessica Johnson's book Biblical Porn.  Got a copy of the book and need to read through it and write that review.

And ... there's an interview by someone associated with Driscoll over the years that I heard recently that I wanted to get to, a Gerry Breshears interview about what can be learned in the wake of the demise of Mars Hill.  It'll take some time to get to that because of the book stuff, but that's another thing I hope to get to.

And ... there's another one but that's not something that really needs a ton of discussion at the moment.  It's been a few years since the resignation and it's going to be interesting to go through interviews that in some way broach the subject of the resignation and transitions.  We'll try to get to those but not everything has been put in places where it'd be easy to find. 

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