Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Jessica Johnson's monograph with Duke University Press, Biblical Porn, is published as of a week ago, and Throckmorton's Patheos site is down a week later ... strange week


Biblical Porn: Affect, Labor, and Pastor Mark Driscoll's Evangelical Empire
Author(s): Jessica Johnson Published:  May 2018 Pages: 248
Sales/Territorial Rights: World  
Cloth: $94.95 - In Stock
Paperback: $24.95 - In Stock
This was officially published and released last week, if memory serves.  May 17, 2018.  We'll get to reviewing it when that's practical (i.e. gotta read it cover to cover first).

Johnson will be at the Elliott Bay Book Company tomorrow to discuss the book, 7pm.


Which makes it too bad that folks at Patheos decided to pull the plug on Warren Throckmorton's blog at Patheos and 410 it out of existence the week after Johnson's book has been published, in which there are a number of bibliographic references to Throckmorton's work in the footnotes.

Now that Throckmorton has gotten a 410 removal those citations will have to be translated into some other web link.

This wouldn't even be the only case in which Johnson's book makes reference to content online that no longer exists.  Repentant Pastor has been down for a while now, for instance. 

Still, it does seem kind of weird that the week after an academic monograph analyzing the former Mars Hill goes up that Throckmorton's blog goes up in smoke at Patheos.  Not that there's necessarily anything to this other than sheer coincidence.  Websites go down, after all.  But Throckmorton hasn't gotten a clear explanation as to why his Patheos account got pulled beyond a brief statement that his blog no longer fit the strategic objectives of Patheos, whatever those are. 

Still, seeing as this blog keeps tabs on stuff associated with the history of Mars Hill it's worth noting that Throckmorton's Patheos blog is down the week after Biblical Porn got released.  However, pertinent to the previous post, there's little reason to believe someone with so small a church as Driscoll has no has any pull within the Patheos scene.  His blog is still doing fine. 

As noted earlier, if Throckmorton's blog has been spiked it's going to be on the publisher/owner side of things or on the advertiser/sponsor side of things.  It's not necessarily a given that it must be one or the other and since no explanation beyond what Throckmorton has posted has been forthcoming it's opaque.

Still, as dubious coincidences go, it does seem weird that Johnson's monograph has been published and gotten some promotion and Patheos pulled the plug on Throckmorton's blog the week after the official release of the book.  Someone can explain what the strategic goals are that Throckmorton's blogging didn't fit into, and given the inspirational aims of Beliefnet it may just be that investigative journalistic blogging is not a high priority for an inspirational and advertising platform.  As these things go that even makes sense ... if that's the actual reason, but since we don't have an actual explanation that's at that level of detail we can't know for sure, we can only attempt to make educated guesses.

Already in the first week of the book's release it can serve as a case study of how volatile internet publishing can be, when a few formerly accessible websites just go down for the count after being quoted in a book. 

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