Monday, August 07, 2017

HT Throckmorton: Former NewSpring Pastor Perry Noble Incorporates Second Chance Church

While Noble was actually fired from his church he's recently incorporated a new one.  While the comments at Throckmorton's blog tend to circle around second chance riffs it seems more apt, seeing as this year is the 20th anniversary of South Park, that the church might be more aptly titled the ...

Whatever, I'll Do What I Want Church.

But then that could probably turn out to be the real, functional name of a whole lot of churches in the United States, couldn't it?

It would seem that in America you can turn out to be guilty of any number of vices that, so long as you already got some kind of job in the vocation, can't possibly disqualify you from staying in the scene.  This seems to most often manifest with guys who were, quite possibly, never really fit for the pulpit as a matter of character rather than communication chops. 

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