Friday, July 07, 2017

biblioblogger Jim West says you should go see the new Spiderman movie

I mean, as a lifelong Spiderman fan who dug the cameo the character had in Civil War I was gonna go see the new Spiderman movie anyway ... but ... hey  Jim West says to go see it. ;)

Even though I've written a lot more about Batman over the years my two favorite superheroes have always been a tie between Batman and Spiderman.  Now, to be clear, I love Spiderman right up to the point where Marvel did the stunt-killing with Gwen and then my love began to grow progressively cold.  But that Stan Lee/Steve Ditko run?  Classic comics. 

So, yeah, I'll be seeing the new Spiderman movie at some point.  That's the plan.

We can't only ever talk about the syntactics of ragtime and sonata forms or about polyphonic cycles for classical guitar, after all. 

Haven't even touched Samurai Jack or why Legend of Korra was such a horrendous follow up to the glorious series The Last Airbender. 


Cal of Chelcice said...

I'm thinking of writing a review, but I'll be curious for your input. My general assessment: classic marvel movie, disliked changes in Spiderman character (I almost miss Toby Macguire), overall plot is post-Trump establishment propaganda.

But the best part, as a kind of meta-meta-parody, is Michael Keaton as Vulture, when viewed in light of both Batman and Birdman. He is a walking parody of a parody of a real actor. Keaton's career is the ultimate post-modern theory.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

I've always thought Maguire as Parker was pretty good in the first two movies but that his Spiderman was not so strong. Garfield had the insulting Spiderman part down (because Spidey has always had a penchant for put downs) but the scripts in the Webb-franchise were often dreadful. The pervasiveness of characters essentially existing to give Parker pep talks from beyond the grave so that he could keep being who he already was ... was what I'm afraid I'd expect of writers who wrote Michael Bay Transformers movies.

I had some offline projects taking up a bit of time so I don't know how soon I'll manage to catch the movie and also write about it. There might almost have to be a piece on what gets changed in each film from the comics. I noticed a local writer at The Stranger indicated that no film has actually nailed down everything about the comics character in film but this new film comes closer than previous films about Parker's personality (though definitely not power set).

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

I managed to see it but some of my friends haven't seen it yet, so I'm probably going to catch it again wit them. I.e. there's time to compare notes before I tackle writing about it for a certain website.

Gut reaction so far, I enjoyed it okay while it was happening but on balance I feel like Raimi's first and second films hold up better, warts and all. This new story seems to forget that Parker is motivated by guilt. Everything else about Parker comes across but the guilt. It's several steps above the entitled brat Garfield Parker from the Webb films, but I wonder if we'll get the Lee/Ditko Spiderman to ever entirely come across on screen.

I definitely miss Rosemary Harris Aunt May by now. And no JJJ ... I miss Simmons.

It's nice that Parker's peer group has been fleshed out ... a little ... but Spiderman is a character so potently defined by the nature of his social life I'm not sure it will ever be adequately realized in film.