Monday, August 15, 2016

Driscoll blogs about forthcoming sermon content, shares an upcoming six-part series will be Ruth, well, here are links to the six-part series in Ruth he did at Mars Hill nine years ago

Warren Throckmorton has mentioned that Driscoll has shared that people worship God with their wallets.

Throckmorton has pointed out that the fundraising option (should you choose it) to give to support The Trinity Church goes to Mark Driscoll Ministries.  This is an occasion to remember that at one point Mark Driscoll said to be wary of a church where the domain is named after the pastor.  This could be a worthy warning even if the domain for The Trinity Church leads to a "donate" page that turns out to be Mark Driscoll Ministries:
Part 3 of 1st Corinthians
Pastor Mark Driscoll
1 Corinthians 1:10-17
January 22, 2006

You know, what happens is they get these teams and they fight. Everybody gets a jersey, and it’s like you’re rock stars. And the indie rockers don’t like all the teeny-bop pop fans and everything’s sorta – and they carried this sort of cultural arrogance into the church. And they said, “Well, Paul’s my guy”, or “Peter’s my guy, Cephas.” Or “No, Apollos is my guy.” And they broke off into teams in the church. So they’d show up with their jerseys on, you know. The Raider fans over here in their silver and black, and then the Hawks fans over here on this side, and the East Coast hip-hoppers, and the West Coast hip-hoppers. And the whole church is divided and fighting, and they need not be.

They need not be the team of Paul, the team of Apollos, the team of Peter. Because Paul and Peter and Apollos all love Jesus, all said the same thing. They all serve the same God. Apollos was a great preacher. Peter was the leader of the disciples. And also Paul was the one who had founded the church. There were good reasons to respect each of these men. And what happened was that the church had an elevated sense of human leadership, and they adored, appreciated, admired and almost worshiped their leaders too much. This still happens in Christianity, right? Some of you love John Calvin. Some of you love John Wesley. Some of you love whomever it might be.

Some of you have teams that you consider yourself to be on, theologically or philosophically insofar as how church should be done. And what happens is that certain Christians get elevated like rock stars, and it’s not good. It’s not good at all. I know one church the pastor’s name is the domain for the church website. That’s not good. Like if it was and that was our website, you’d go, “You know that’s a little much.” That’s a little much, because if he gets hit by a car do we gotta get a new name? That seems that the church should be more than a focus on one person. That’s why to be honest with this church I try not to show up and speak at every event.
A lot has changed in ten years, of course.  For instance, nine years is long enough to decide that you're going to go through the book of Ruth again even though back in the Mars Hill ... dispensation you made a point of saying from the pulpit you would avoid preaching a book of the Bible again unless you felt you did a bad job of it.  Driscoll mentioned the forthcoming Ruth series over here:

Now here's a reason to not be too quick to donate to the present, why donate to the present just yet if the promised upcoming sermon series in September is going to be a six part series in the book of Ruth?  You "could" go download the six part sermon series in the book of Ruth Mark Driscoll preached in 2007 at Mars Hill.

Seeing as when Mark Driscoll recycled 1 Corinthians in 2006 having preached through it years prior, and seeing as Vintage Jesus was in most respects a repackaging of the Christ on the Cross series, and seeing how much material from Peasant Princess ended up showing up again in Real Marriage, it "might" be a safe guess that Mark Driscoll's going to re:cycle as much pertinent material in the forthcoming Ruth sermons from the 2007 sermon series as he thinks he can reasonably get away with.  After all, after twenty years of doing the preacher thing people can start to exhibit patterns.

Since Driscoll's already preached a six-sermon series on the book of Ruth that's available to be listened to for free why not listen to that?  The guy can ask for money, obviously, but take some time to listen to the freebie preaching because even if Driscoll used to quip that you get what you pay for didn't the apostle Paul say that he was happy to boast that when he preached the Gospel he preached it free of charge? 

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