Saturday, July 16, 2016

Throckmorton: Prior to Official Launch, Mark Driscoll’s The Trinity Church Is on the Hook for $2.5 Million in Building Debt--brief review of a historic building built in anticipation of a didn't-happen trend in urban expansion

We noted earlier how The Trinity Church went from renting to buy its location in Arizona.

as did Warren Throckmorton

Well, today Thorckmorton's been able to establish a bit more.

The building has something of a history as

The visionary behind the Glass & Garden Drive-In Church was the pastor Floyd Goulooze. 
Goulooze came to Scottsdale from Lakewood California in 1963 and bet on the city's growth eastward.  ...

The musicologist Leonard B. Meyer once wrote that the distinction between a crackpot and a genius is whether that person arrived at a solution to a situation someone actually wanted solved.
But Goulooze had made an ill-considered bet.  Directly east from here is the only direction the city didn't grow in.  The drive-in paradigm was a good novelty but built no long-term loyalty in the congregation. [emphasis added]  Fourteen hundred seats is a the largest capacity on this list and must seem empty even with a good turnout.   After opening on Palm Sunday in 1966, the church has survived anyway all these years, with sermons broadcast out over AM 800 but with the speaker poles now removed, and with this marvelous building intact, still aesthetically bold.  The congregation has recently struggled with a garden-variety hypocrite ex-pastor who siphoned off maybe $100K to pay his own bad bets, but it looks to recover.  We surely hope so.

So the church was an idea that anticipated a trend that didn't materialize.

And .. if reading through proposed ordinances connected to real estate is your idea of fun weekend reading ....

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