Saturday, February 06, 2016

The Trinity Church website has a FAQ section that scrupulously avoids the elephant in the room about Mark Driscoll's time at Mars Hill--what's the point of telling guys to live for a legacy if you're going to resume ministry in another state without a mention of your own legacy?

After much prayer and wise pastoral and professional counsel, the Driscolls believed and agreed that a move to Phoenix was the Lord’s will. Pastor Mark and Grace have had a growing burden for Phoenix and, even though ministry options emerged from other cities, their interest in Phoenix was greatest.

Prior to moving, the Driscolls spent months scouting the valley and meeting with dozens of local pastors who were warm and welcoming.

Since moving to Phoenix, Pastor Mark and Grace have deepened their love of the city, grown their vision to serve its people, and are glad to call Phoenix home.


Nothing about God telling Driscoll he was released from ministry at Mars Hill?  That was the story on the road throughout 2015, after all. If you want to review the six different accounts of how and why Mark Driscoll resigned from Mars Hill we've got them compiled here at Wenatchee The Hatchet:

The most frequently asked question that seems to come up that isn't being addressed at all at the FAQ is how Mark Driscoll has managed to turn his back so blithely in the new web presence on the thing he spent his 18 earlier years in ministry telling everybody who would listen, but especially young guys, to live your life toward, legacy.  For a guy whose ministry could be summed up as focusing on getting guys to live in terms of legacy Mark Driscoll sure doesn't seem to be in any hurry to mention the legacy of his 18 years in ministry at Mars Hill these days. Way to lead by example there.


Unknown said...

One of the interesting things about the emails MDM sends out is that MDM is pretty obviously not going away. MD himself preached against this back in the day. The new "church" will be a support base that will give free support to MDM, and MD will draw a salary from both... and if Grace is the women's ministry leader, then she'll draw a nice salary too.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

It may just be a matter of time before Mark does two things: 1) break ties with the Reformed groups he claimed to be connected to. 2) become more overtly egalitarian. What his progressive and egalitarian critics may assume can't possibly happen could happen, if in name only, through Driscoll having, as you put it, Grace in some kind of ministry capacity. Driscoll mentioned in Confessions of a Reformission Rev that Grace loved serving and helping people and that at times he resented that in doing this he felt she was neglecting him as a husband. The older all the Driscoll kids get the less this "should" be a problem. It would also cement the "father figure" angle if he's able to position himself and Grace as a kind of Paul and Jan, so to speak.

People who weren't around in the earlier years don't recall that he wasn't originally a Calvinist. He could pivot to Calvinism when the fundraising resources were in the YRR in the late 90s and early 00s. He could pivot into egalitarian/charismatic now that he's more South. Making that switch would be a good political move as it would demolish most of the public criticism progressives have had about Driscoll being a misogynist and Grace Driscoll's declared that, somehow, he never said anything misogynistic so within the Christian media bubble that's all that counts there.

Driscoll never went away even when he quit. In one sense it makes sense, it's not like he could or would go get a real world job at this point. And in a sense he spent the last eight years preaching for one crowd and having the video piped in to satellite sites a week later. He hasn't been more than a content distribution point for years now compared to what he was doing in the first five years of Mars Hill, at least.