Thursday, November 12, 2015

Driscoll still on the conference circuit, The Most Excellent Way to Lead, March 2016, with the likes of Perry Noble and Steven Furtick and others

Pastor Mark will be speaking at the Lead Conference hosted by Perry Noble. This one-day conference will be held at NewSpring Church in Anderson, South Carolina on March 3rd, 2016. This event is uniquely designed for leaders who want their teams and their organizations to succeed beyond their expectations.

Last week we revisited the stories not shared in the stories of ministries Mark Driscoll Ministries has said Driscoll helped to found.

The ministries Driscoll founded or co-founded at this point either don't really exist in any functional sense as ministries that interact with the public or exist but have either no use for Driscoll himself or have publicly distanced themselves from any connection to him.

It might be a little too soon to feature Driscoll, even in 2016, as someone who can speak at a conference that has the goal of helping leaders who want their teams and their organizations to succeed beyond their expectations.  By his own account he's the unemployed guy this year.


Mike said...

There will probably be no shortage of leaders (so-called) using tithe monies to pay for the one day conference, probably enough to provide Driscoll a nice honorarium. The stupidity of many who call themselves Christians, and in particular of those who think themselves fit for Christian leadership, never ceases to astonish.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

Someone ran some of these links by in the last week. One of the ironies of the Driscoll plagiarism/list-rigging controversy is that for those who compared all the books to the uncited/undercited sources, the popular Christian publishing industry comes across as quite possibly being both incompetent and corrupt. It's less a matter of left or right than who has the power and prestige and wants to keep it.

What was striking about the controversies surrounding Driscoll was during 2013-2014 it was about plagiarism and Result Source. Then after the resignation the descriptions of the controversies became more vague and, it seems, about "leadership style". There had been concerns about Driscoll's leadership style from various quarters for a decade, it turns out, and nothing was said or done about it until controversy over publicly accessible intellectual property became an issue. Those who would defend Driscoll can't get around the problems in the books themselves--if Driscoll wasn't any kind of plagiarist then the Christian publishers who published his work failed at such an epic level questions about their competence and ethics compared to secular publishers could be hard to avoid.

Without research help from the Docent group and without assistants or ghostwriters, without all those previously available resources it remains to be seen whether Driscoll's got more in him than recycling his old hits.

It would appear that having all the ministries he founded or co-founded either dying or disavowing connections to him in explicit and implicit ways isn't an obstacle for his being a featured speaker at a conference because while the brand may be tarnished, the brand could survive.

Then again, it's not as if guys like Mark Driscoll have worked in the real world in the last fifteen years. The Christian media empires may be all that's available. Had a secular writer been as sloppy in books as Driscoll turned out to be it's tough to know if that writer would ever have a career again.

Mark said...

Good point. In all candor, were Christians subject to the same level of scrutiny that the average full-blooded atheist organization applies regarding ethics and morality, people like Driscoll, Furtick, MacDonald, Piper, MacArthur would be shouted down or ignored. Anyone who at this point does anything other than laugh at Mark Driscoll, utterly disregard him, or punch him smack in the nose is only proving that not only do they not care one whit about anything Jesus ever said about the wolves that would come, but that they have utter contempt for Jesus. I do not see any conceivable way of following both Jesus and Mark Driscoll. It is becoming increasingly hard to see how the two could be much farther apart.

Human said...

The Rolling Stone lady who made up that story and many others has a career.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

which suggests that there are realms in secular and Christian media empires where truthfulness and ethics don't matter.

Of course there's that old April 2014 AlterNet/Salon that was published about Mars Hill and Mark Driscoll that had so many factual inaccuracies it took a week to find and document them all in a single post. The thing is that Tarico, once those manifold errors were pointed out, eventually got to fixing the factual errors.

It's been tough to take Rolling Stone seriously as anything beyond pop culture journalism since decades ago, but it's a good point that one emotionally charged story trumped journalistic research. It's a shame that it has become apparent Christian journalism can operate by the same basic approach.

Unknown said...

I'm speculating here . . . BUT, it is possible Driscoll is PAYING to participate in this event.

None of these greedy multi-site leaders survive without each of them vetting each other, for a commission.

Mark Driscoll's actual "biblical" teachings are such a theological problem, it's doubtful he will succeed in getting the material back on track. Yes, there will be retreads from his old play list.

I have a friend who installs technical gear in the multisite campuses. He has seen for years, now, all the venues are hemorrhaging members, so they must redecorate and reboot the "shows" regularly, to attract paying customers. Just like Disneyland. It is clear, many of the "vision casting" leaders are connected to other ones.

Conferences are a significant revenue stream for all of them.

I think Driscoll paid to be there to help reboot his brand. If he can.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

Not sure whether there's any pay to play dynamic, personally. Hadn't even thought about that. Since not many of the ministries that Driscoll co-founded or founded even seem to be all that interested in keeping a public association networking with the likes of Noble and Furtick may be partly necessary. But until Driscoll more publicly repudiates his stance on women in ministry rebranding himself as a charismatic sans seatbelt may be difficult. His decade long rejection of premillenialism/dispensationalism could also be an obstacle. Now I think the overall reasons he rejected dispensationalism/premillenialist futurism are sound, actually, it's just that if he's tilting more American charismatic he may have to soft pedal how much he's rejected that stuff in the past.

THe most glaring difficulty he'll have to face is that if he's going to talk in generalized terms this year and onward about the 2007 situation he'll have to stop formulating talk about that as if it only came to light in the last year of Mars Hill. 2012 was when Joyful Exiles went up and that was at least two years before the March 2014 news about Result Source erupted. He's left Mars Hill under circumstances where he declined to conform with a restoration plan laid out by church leadership ... which means that even if he says "God told me" he left Mars Hill membership and participation in a similar way to Andrew (let readers understand), hasn't he?

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

just in case it hasn't been clear, comments all go into moderation these days. A comment might not show up right away or it might not show up at all.

Unknown said...

A book called "SHAM - The Self Help and Actualization Movement" (Sorry, can't remember the author or publisher) said that most of these books are re-hashes of previous books. So secular publishers are probably of the same species.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

There might be an irony in that, Linda. While I was reading Leonard B Meyer's work earlier this year he referenced some work by Susan Sontag and noted that in the wake of a more secularized cultural approach the old Christian ideal of sanctification didn't really go away, it got replaced by self-actualization. The irony could be that the self help and actualization movement still has sanctification as a goal, just in a secularized form, and then when pop Christian writers jump on the self-help bandwagon this could be the "third pressings" pomace rather than the first cold press or the second, to play with an olive oil metaphor.