Monday, August 17, 2015

who has recognized Kerry Dodd for successfully launching 11 new independent entities by separating the organization (Mars Hill?) from it's 15 operating locations? Kerry Dodd?

As the corporation now known as Mars Hill Fellowship, Inc. continues (apparently) to dissolve, it's been interesting to read Kerry Dodd's self-description lately.

President and General Manager

Mars Hill Fellowship, Inc.
– Present (less than a year)Seatlle, WA
- Keen management to daily operations to guarantee proper handling of all legal affairs and creditor obligations
- Tactical administration to the liquidation of real property and other assets; along with the distribution of net assets
- Recognition for the successful launching of 11 new independent entities by separating the organization from its 15 operating locations
- Appointment as corporate president of the board of directors; as well as promotion to general manager, in charge of leading the transition team in settling the affairs of the corporation toward the distribution of net assets and dissolution
Dodd's LinkedIn profile says "recognition" but who has recognized Dodd for this stuff? Himself?  Most people didn't realize Kerry Dodd was president until ... maybe ... when the news coverage detailed how a piece of Mars Hill real estate got sold and the signature was Dodd's rather than someone else.  Who appointed him?  Members of the BoAA, probably?
Liquidation of property and other assets would probably include that auction Driscoll mentioned.
It's a bit early to know which of the 11 will go the distance.  Dodd seems to be counting chickens before they've hatched.  Cross & Crown may have a good base from the three prior campuses and possibly grandfathering into the old U-district real estate to survive.  It's tough to know for sure, though.

Chief Financial Officer

Mars Hill Church
(3 years)Seattle, WA
- Effectual support to 15 locations and collaboration with other executive team members and board of directors to decide on critical business areas as a director and member of the Corporate Executive Team
- Hands-on supervision to five direct reports in three departments, such as Finance and Accounting, Human Resource Management, and Information Technology
- Efficiency in handling key tasks such as financial stewardship, organizational strategies and vision development, annual planning and budget process, variance reporting, cash flow management, and research and monitoring of financial trends
- Development and cultivation of relationships with bankers, auditors, and attorneys to coordinate legal affairs
- Keen management to more than $30M annual revenue, $40M assets, and more than 150 staff
- Acknowledgment for creating a 104-page operations manual and implementing its policies and procedures on financial stewardship, personnel, technology, facilities, legal, and communications
- Facilitation of in-depth research and execution of a robust software package to support the expansion of financial operations and donor management, while driving the organization toward domestic growth and international development
It's difficult to know who was recognizing Dodd for successfully separating the campuses from central operations other than Kerry Dodd himself unless other insiders were recognizing.

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