Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Slate--the reason the Fantastic Four movies have been lame is their leader is an arrogant elitist tool, and a brief consideration on his basic story


While they survive, the rays profoundly transform them, turning them all into victims of Richards’ profound lack of scientific ethics—and somehow making them into superheroes entirely by accident. Faced with the abject failure of his work, he is not humble. “I’ll call myself … Mr. Fantastic,” he exclaims to the friends he has just permanently mutilated. Presumably still addled by translunar radiation, they do not object to his unearned, self-congratulatory hubris. In another sort of story, he would be the villain. Here, for some reason, he is a hero.

It's not an unfair point at all, really.  Some ambitious overeager scientist too confident in his ability to foresee and control the outcome of meddling with things beyond his ken that leads to an unexpected transformation doesn't just sound like Reed Richards there's ...

Curt Connors
Otto Octavius
Norman Osborn (there's this weird pattern with Spider-man villains ... )
how about that guy who became Morbius the Living Vampire?

Yeah ... Reed Richards may ostensibly be the hero in the tale but the backbone of his origin story ALSO reads like the same thing as a who's who of Marvel villains, doesn't it?

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