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By: Mars Hill Church
on May 26, 2012

Our Orange County church is looking to move to a new location . . . yesterday. If not, they might be homeless like Jesus was. Here’s the latest update from Lead Pastor Nick Bogardus:

The Observatory

We will be meeting at The Observatory as usual at 9:00 and 11:15 am. We will continue to meet there until 1) we find a new home or 2) the city comes to shut us down.
We’re continuing in our series on the seven churches of Revelation, which has been awesome. I’m thankful we have a preaching pastor who preaches and applies the Bible and the gospel so boldly. There isn’t a Sunday that we don’t hear all about Jesus and the gospel. What a gift!

Building Update from This Week

The good news was that the church we were in negotiations with decided to come back to the table. The bad news is that they came back with some very unreasonable stipulations—for example, we would have to limit our church to 250 people per service and they would only give us 100 parking spots. Essentially they’d want us to turn people away; which goes against our mission to make as many disciples of Jesus and plant as many churches as possible in Orange County. I responded with our terms and we’re now waiting to hear back from them after they take it to their board. Honestly, I don’t see it working, but we should continue to pray.
Two other options came up at the end of this week that we will pursue first thing next week. We will keep you up to date as this all develops.

Adversity in Mission

Though we might be getting adversity from both the city and other churches—which was the pattern in Acts—we believe God has given our church a unique and particular mission. He will be faithful to sustain. We are called to be faithful in the mission.

Why There Is Always Hope

I have tremendous hope for what God will do in this situation, which is odd considering my often sinful need for control and fear of failure.
The reason I have tremendous hope is because of the reality of how God works.
He does his best work when there are no other options. He enables 90-year-old barren women to have babies. He redeems Israel from slavery in Egypt and, as they’re on the run with the most powerful army in the world chasing them and the sea in front of them, he delivers them by parting the sea. Out of the gruesome cross, he brings resurrection and life. It is how he works.
As a church, we are going to move forward in faith. We’re not going to grumble like the Israelites in the desert and quickly forget all he has done and is doing. We’re going to be dependant on him and continue moving towards where he is calling us.

Here Is How

1. Prayer & Fasting

Every Wednesday as a church we will pray and fast together once a week for lunch. We may not be all together at one time but we will know that, as we do it, we will be joining with each other in praying: thanking Jesus for what he has and is doing in our church, asking for a building we can call a home, and remembering his promises.

2. Giving

Whenever God opens a door, we will need to raise money as a church to simply move. Our current location, the Observatory, has a lot of equipment that we use but don’t own. Instead of waiting to give toward that, we are going to start giving toward it now, as church. The team has already set up a special fund for us called “Orange County – Replant.” You can give online, by check, or on Sundays. When God does open the door, we will be ready to move forward.

3. Serving & Leading

Similarly, moving will require growing our service teams and leadership. We want to start training you now so that when God opens the door we have enough people to lead and serve so that we can do church well.
If you live in Orange County and would like to get connected to a service team or Community Group, let us know here. If you are on either but aren’t leading, tell your leader that you want to be trained to lead.
I’m thankful to be here with you all and am tremendously hopeful for what God will do in and through us as a church,
I look forward to worshipping Jesus with you all on Sunday,
Pastor Nick

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