Sunday, November 30, 2014

a small vacation and a preview of hoped-for coming attractions.

While the spiritual warfare session Driscoll gave in 2008 is not fully transcribed or analyzed there's such a thing as taking breaks and the Thanksgiving holiday was, thankfully, such an occasion to take a break.  Longtime readers of the blog will probably even remember that analyzing and discussing and preserving the history of Mars Hill and the public ministry role of Mark Driscoll wasn't even originally intended to be the main focus of this blog.  It was intended to be more about animation and classical guitar music written by composers not-from-Spain.

Well, I managed to pick up the scores for all of the Ferdinand Rebay solo guitar sonatas and one of the new goals is to blog about them and, where possible, direct readers to existing recorded or filmed performances of the sonatas.  For those unfamiliar with previous blogging on Rebay's music, those posts aren't tagged yet but it won't take long to find search results for Ferdinand Rebay at the moment. 

Another little project that's incubating is getting to blogging about the grand sonatas of Matiegka.  Matiegka and Rebay have been favorites of WtH lately.  So while 2014 may remain the year of blogging about things more connected to Puget Sound in 2015 (or maybe, ideally, earlier) you should be seeing some blogging about Rebay and Matiegka.  There's also little write-ups pending on recordings of chamber music written for the guitar featuring other instruments like double bass, trumpet, viola, mandolin ... stuff like that.  Having explored the Martian landscape and history at some length and seeing as the corporation is dissolving anyway, maybe next year can get back to being about classical guitar music and cartoons. 

But that's likely next year.  The 2008 spiritual warfare transcription project is, believe it or not, only about halfway done and it gets freakier the further along it goes.

The thumbnail sketch for everyone who would put it in the TL:DR category--Mark Driscoll gave a session instructing leaders (and leaders only) on spiritual warfare. While it started off with the rather mundane observation that lots of Christians believe Satan and demons are real and that Satan is mentioned in the biblical texts a hash was generally made of the history of interpretation and HOW that conclusion was arrived at.  You'd be better off trudging through all the books of Jeffrey Burton Russell on the subject for a historian's overview.  But part 1 name-dropped Brookes and Gurnall and ...

Well, WtH has analyzed the session more as a political manifesto made by Driscoll in the wake of the controversial 2007 re-org and firings.  You could say that at least one element of the subtext of the session was that Driscoll was telling the leadership culture two things:

1) I have super-powers that let me know what the worst secrets of people are
2) doubting the executive eldership's love for the church is a demonic lie.

The double claim of super-powers with a fairly literal demonization of dissent against executive leadership could be taken as the beginning of what Steve Tompkins has called the "ad hominem narrative" in Mars Hill culture.  If you listen to the entirety of the 2008 warfare teaching event not just as an abstracted discussion of Mark's counseling approach, or a discussion of "demon trials", and also read it as a political statement then it's not that hard to see why so many in leadership would have come to a place of avoiding speaking up if they heard Mark go on at such length about being able to "read people's proverbial mail" and explicitly condemning questions about the executive leadership's love of the congregation as explicitly demonic and false. 

Anyway, Wenatchee The Hatchet hopes that all of you who celebrated Thanksgiving had a pleasant Thanksgiving. 

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