Wednesday, October 29, 2014

something for Tompkins to follow up on, if possible, more details of his role in the EIT of 2007

While Mars Hill Pastor Steve Tompkins' recently public letter is a positive step and a giant step dealing with 2007 on the part of a current Mars Hill elder with respect to 2007 (certainly a bigger step than the one Driscoll took in August with his vague references to 2006-2007) there is an extra detail that must be borne in mind about Tompkins.

Namely, his role as part of the Elder Investigative Taskforce of 2007 alongside Scott Thomas, Gary Shavey, and Dave Kraft.

Tompkins now joins Kraft for the ranks of men who have in some way publicly expressed regret over the 2007 firing and trial process but since Tompkins was actually on the EIT perhaps he can elucidate what evidence (if any?) was accumulated during the month of October 2007.  Perhaps Tompkins can also explain what was described as an already completed "conciliatory process", too, if that's possible.


Real World Worship said...

You're hearing the MHC is closing/ disbanding at the end of the year rumors right?

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

yeah, though even if that's what's going on there's going to be a desire to keep that close to the vest. In terms of the financial nosedive MH has probably taken it seems "likely" the corporation won't survive in its current form but it's possible some individual campuses could pull things together enough to soldier on but not under the umbrella of the circle M.

So, yeah, hearing the rumors but waiting to see what happens. Also saw there's some word that the rock-tossing incident did get reported. This would not be a big surprise since as a number of former MH members could probably attest Driscoll's stories are often based on events that really happened but there's a slippery narrative in which by implication he collapses events that could have taken place over a span of fourteen years into a "season" that is never defined but that a naïve listener would presume to be a few short months. It's not going to be perceived as a lie to a sympathetic listener but it might be likened to Mr. Spock saying "I implied" when someone accused him of deceit, perhaps. Driscoll has said a lot of things that can be misinterpreted by wary and unwary listeners in the shock of an incident. In fact something like "riot evangelism" would depend on that kind of rhetorical game, wouldn't it?