Friday, October 31, 2014

The News Tribune quotes Justin Dean, the spin-offs cannot use "Mars Hill"

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October 31, 2014 
That means the Tacoma congregation would have to assume its loan or sell the church, a historic building near Wright Park.
 All centralized staff for the Seattle-based church will be terminated and any remaining funds will be given to the independent churches, Bruskas said. After those steps, “the existing Mars Hill Church organization will be dissolved,” Bruskas said
Justin Dean is quoted as saying whatever the congregations become in 2015 they can't use the Mars Hill name.
Church spokesman Justin Dean said congregations won’t continue under the Mars Hill name.
“They must become their own churches, create their own 501c3, governance, leadership, etc.,” Dean said. “We will provide seed money if we have it, but they are free to start independent and cannot use the Mars Hill name.”

Mars Hill expanded to Tacoma in late 2012 when it purchased the historic First Congregational Church for $1.9 million.
The sale was concluded and First Congregational was paid. Mars Hill Tacoma has a mortgage with Bank of America.

Mars Hill completed a $1 million renovation of the church and started having services in the 107-year-old sanctuary last December.

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Let's recall that Mars Hill Tacoma had the great big shout-out to Mars Hill Global earlier this year
Unsurprisingly nobody at Mars Hill Tacoma had any comment:
The Rev. Bubba Jennings, lead pastor of Mars Hill Tacoma, did not immediately address questions Friday about the future of Mars Hill Tacoma. An executive pastor that works under Jennings declined comment. Several members of the Tacoma congregation also would not comment Friday.

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For those who may not remember this, Bubba Jennings was one of the executive elders in place in 2007 when the firings and trials of Bent Meyer and Paul Petry happened.  If former EIT member Steve Tompkins has made a point of publicly express regret over and repudiating the ethics of the 2007 process recently, then Bubba might want to decide whether he's going to address that along with the other significant transitions afoot in the realm of Mars Hill.

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