Saturday, July 19, 2014

end of fiscal year 2014--"we are excited to report that we beat budget for the year!"

Tucked away in something that may have been distributed to attenders and members of Mars Hill could be something short like this:

End of Fiscal Year 2014
Thank you for your faithfulness! Fiscal year 2014 ended on June 30th and we are excited to report that we beat budget for the year! Thank you to each person in our Mars Hill family across our 15 locations and our Global Family across the world. 

No surprise there.  Whatever the trying season has been for MH lately it has probably had more to do with the plagiarism scandal, the scandal about the use of Result Source, the anxiety and discontent that erupted in volatile employment changes when Sutton Turner joined the Mars Hill executive team in 2011, and perhaps the controversy and questions associated with how much Mars Hill executive leadership did or didn't know about the eviction in Orange County before it happened.  Driscoll claimed to not have any idea what the reason for the eviction of Orange County could have been and mentioned retaining legal counsel ... for those who saw the long-since-scrubbed video. 

Legal counsel has not always been in the best interest of Mars Hill from a PR standpoint, though, since it was a Stokes & Lawrence letter that was arguably responsible for the trademark/logo kerfuffle in late 2011 while Mars Hill was nailing down the final details of promoting Real Marriage with help from Result Source. 

What Mars Hill leadership may or may not fully appreciate is that the controversies in this recent trying season in at least one case literally has the signature of an executive elder all over it.  If Mars Hill wants to move forward perhaps they could follow the advice (but not necessarily the example of pastor Jamie Munson "own it and move on".  Or perhaps they could follow the "cut your losses" path.

... or is Jamie Munson actually no longer a pastor at Mars Hill these days compared to the start of June 2014?


Scott said...

Try this for a link that works for the transcript of the sermon about how they were in permit purgatory with the building a block away from the MH Ballard building:

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

Such as:

So what we did is we purchased a building that came up for sale a block away and we told you we needed $3 million and a bank loan to renovate that space, go to 1000 seats, open it up, and do services here and there and I’d walk between the two. We’re still waiting on the permits for that building. We do now own it. We’re in permit purgatory, just waiting for the permit – and waiting for some time now. And in the meantime, we said, “Well, we gotta do something to alleviate this growing, you know, number of people in Ballard. It’s very hard to get into. Let’s try a video service as an experiment in Shoreline.” Crista Ministry approached us. Very gracious people. The interim president of the time was a member of Mars Hill, said, “We’ve got about a 400-seat room. We’ve got a full daycare for kid space, lots of parking. You can have it on Sundays for free.” We can afford that.

The other problem is that the city and the county have outlawed large churches in the City of Seattle, so what we’d have to do to bring the love of Jesus to the city is first sue them, which seems like a weird place to begin. We want to talk about the love of Jesus. You’ve been subpoenaed. You know, I mean, that’s just a weird place to begin. And so, I mean, that’s probably not the best way to go and it – what we would have to do is sue, change the zoning. If we wanted, we’d have to buy a very large piece of land, and then we would have to get permits and we’d have to build a building that would be a couple hundred thousand square feet to get four – three, four, five thousand seats. We’re looking at, at this point, I’d probably six to eight years out and probably about $60 million. Which we don’t have, no one will lend it to us. I looked under all the couch cushions in the church, and it’s just not there.

or something like that

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

and for those with better recall than WtH who was the interim president of CRISTA at the time?