Monday, June 09, 2014

Jamie Munson's role within Mars Hill seems to have continued, absence of public disclosure about his membership or role as a pastor withstanding

My proposal to the Board of Directors (BOD) is that Pastor Jamie Munson remain an elder at Mars Hill Church Ballard. Following a sabbatical through the end of the year to enjoy his family, rest up, and finish writing a book, he will rejoin us as an unpaid board member at the highest legal level of Mars Hill Church. [Munson ended up on several boards] In God’s providence, the same day that Pastor Jamie made this decision, one of our unpaid BOD members had to resign due to escalating demands at his place of employment. So, while this man will remain an elder at his local Mars Hill Church, it opened a seat on the BOD for an unpaid elder, which Pastor Jamie fills perfectly. We need many more unpaid elders and Pastor Jamie helps us to raise the profile of that service. The plan is simply that Pastor Jamie will remain an elder at Mars Hill indefinitely. [emphasis added] He has clearly communicated his desire to stay at Mars Hill and serve as an elder and we welcome this. So, Pastor Jamie is still Pastor Jamie. Also, the door to employment is always open to Pastor Jamie. It has been clearly communicated to him by myself personally and by his performance review team collectively that should he ever change his mind, we would welcome him back on staff at Mars Hill Church. Our bylaws require that our Executive Elder (EE) team have at least three members. Pastor Dave Bruskas and I remain on the EE. Thankfully, Pastor Dave and his family recently moved to Seattle after leading Mars Hill Albuquerque. His leadership, wisdom, and experience come at just the right time and we praise God he is on the team. In God’s providence, the sermon he preached at Mars Hill Ballard will air this Sunday at all our other churches, helping you to get to know him better. To fill Pastor Jamie’s vacancy on the EE, I am recommending that the BOD vote for Pastor Scott Thomas to join the EE for at least the foreseeable future. Pastor Scott has served faithfully for many years as an elder at Mars Hill, is among our most trained and seasoned leaders, is already a BOD member, and has served previously for many years as an EE member while also leading Acts 29.  Pastor Dave and I both believe Pastor Scott is the best choice for this role in this season. Pastor Scott has been very clear in his love and commitment to Mars Hill and has said he will gladly serve wherever he is needed, which we deeply appreciate. Administratively, Pastor Jamie was our senior "king" and his departure requires very competent leadership to cover his many responsibilities. Thankfully, Pastor Jamie was a great leader and humble man. He surrounded himself with great people.
Before the above material was removed this was available for consultation.  Mark Driscoll wrote that he recommended Scott Thomas to join the Executive Elder team for what was at the time the foreseeable future.  That apparently did not last long if, in fact, it actually happened. 

But that's neither here nor there.  While Jamie Munson is no longer necessarily publicly listed, these days, as a pastor at Mars Hill Church, that doesn't mean he has stopped being a pastor at Mars Hill Church, even if no longer in a paid staff role.  Munson's recent departure from Storyville Coffee, which has been co-owned by Jon and Esther Phelps (and Jon Phelps has a history of connection to Mark Driscoll that has been discussed elsewhere at this blog). Munson's role in the 2007 terminations and trials of Paul Petry and Bent Meyer has been documented to some extent elsewhere. This entry could be a starting point.

That Jamie Munson has not stopped having some role inside Mars Hill Church, even as a pastor, got documented last year in early October over at this post.

But for today's blog post a visual demonstration of a recent screen capture (as in today, literally)  might be helpful in establishing whether perhaps Jamie Munson has remained a pastor at Mars Hill Church regardless of what has or hasn't been revealed to the public at large about him.  Remember, Driscoll said in 2011 the plan was for Munson to remain a pastor at MH indefinitely.

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