Sunday, June 01, 2014

There was On Mission Charitable Remainder Unitrust and more recently MGD Legacy Charitable Trust with an MGD Legacy LLC looks like same Moritz and same address

A couple of months ago something came to Wenatchee The Hatchet's attention. It was around the time James Duncan summarized a few things on the corporate narrative of Mark and Grace Driscoll's Real Marriage. It didn't seem particularly interesting at the time because in its way it was too obvious, an LLC with funds from a trust was set up in more or less the same fashion with a name pretty much like that of On Mission, LLC. 

But it seems worth noting because obvious though it seemed at the time, WtH was once advised by a teacher to never underestimate the obvious.  Given the changes that happened to On Mission, LLC in the wake of Janet Mefferd's on air accusation that Mark Driscoll was a plagiarist, and given the opaque nature of Lasting Legacy LLC documented earlier at this blog, the establishment of a new LLC in Colorado by one Bill Moritz with the same address as that for On Mission, LLC on the Colorado side of things seemed worth noting.

By the way, Pastor Mark TV now has robots.txt employed, too, so that The WayBack Machine can't be used to reference older materials at  James Duncan over at Pajama Pages, it seemed good to make a point of noting this in a blog post for your benefit.  That link you included in one of your posts doesn't work now, just in case you or one of your readers may be reading this.

ID number: 20141081190
Document number: 20141081190

Articles of Organization filed February 3, 2014, date posted the same, effective date February
3, 2014 from 4:35 pm
Article III outlines that the company is organized for profit and the nature of its business is
managing book royalties, printing and published and all related and derivative activities.

Article IV:  ... the resident agent in charge thereof at such address is V. William Moritz.

Article V
The Limited Liability Company is to be managed by managers who shall serve as managers until
the first annual meeting of the members of the Limited Liability Company or until its successor
is elected and qualified. ...

The name and mailing address of the manager and organizer of the Limited Liability Company is
as follows:

Name: MGD Legacy Charitable Trust
Address: 4570 Hilton Parkway, St 203, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Article VIII
The total amount of contributions to the capital of the Limited Liability Comapny is $500. The
contributions of each member of the Limited Liability Company are as follows:
Name: MD Legacy Charitable Trust
Contribution: $500

Article XII
The person causing this Limited Liability Company to be registered and who can be contacted

regarding this limited liability company is V William Moritz, of 4570 Hilton Parkway Ste 203
Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80907.

That kind of looks like the same deal for On Mission LLC, doesn't it?

In fact, it's the same address and registered agent as On Mission LLC
Document number: 20111058965
ID number: 20111058965

On Mission, LLC
4570 Hilton Parkwa, Ste 203
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

The name and address of the person forming the limited liability company are Moritz, Bill, at
the aforementioned address.

Registered agent is V. William Moritz.

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