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comparative list of charts of who is around, who was, and who may or may not be at Mars Hill, comparing the MH elder list to Throckmorton's list to WtH's list from 2011

As has been noted at a few blogs, Mars Hill Church has experienced significant staff changes in the last few years, most notably since about mid-2011, which would coincide with the emergence of Sutton Turner as a leader within the executive leadership team.  The following four lists may be a useful reference point for people considering just how much has changed in the last four years at Mars Hill Church.

List A is simply a recent list of publicly listed men who are pastors at Mars Hill Church.  List A would not include Jamie Munson, for instance, because even if Jamie Munson is still a pastor at Mars Hill he is not publicly listed or acknowledged as a pastor by MH's public pages.

List B is, give or take a few names, Warren Throckmorton's published list of elders who have stopped being at Mars Hill in the last couple of years.  Nowhere at any point in list B are explanations given for the departures and as some have noted already some men left on good terms, others on bad, others were removed after having been found unfit for ministry and any details would be missing as to which was which unless a person had some documentation.

Now List C, for regular readers of Wenatchee The Hatchet, was compiled from all the Mars Hill campus listings that were available for public consultation in late 2011.  These names include not just pastors but staff of various sorts and were at one point names that could be assembled from the MH campus sites before the website overhaul of early 2012.  The list of names was available to assemble from captures by The WayBack Machine until at month or so ago when Mars Hill began to introduce robots.txt to preclude the use of The WayBack Machine in finding stuff like what you'll find not only in List C but also ...

List D is simply (as accurately as could be managed, so take it with a grain of salt) the formerly publicly listed City profiles of all the people who were in list C.  One or two exceptions may appear because, well, sometimes things come along.

General numbers.

List A has 51 names
List B has 43 names
List C has 91 names
List D, unsurprisingly, has the same number of entries.

What someone who currently has access to The City could theoretically do is go through all of lists C and D and compare them to Warren Throckmorton's List B and cross reference that against List A to see how much overlap there is.  You may notice that some of the people from List C may not have been pastors in 2011 but have turned out to be publicly listed as pastors as of 2014. 

Perhaps in the future there may be a supplemental List E of men who voted in 2007 trials of Paul Petry and Bent Meyer.  Since Mars Hill reported that there was unanimity amongst those elders that voted on whether Petry and Meyer ought to be removed it would seem moot to subdivide a List E by who voted what way. 

On the other hand, in light of all that has come to light about both the nature of the trials as they were handled by Scott Thomas and the Elder Investigation Taskforce, and still further in light of all that has transpired since earlier 2011, it remains to be seen whether or not those men who voted in the 2007 trials and voted in the bylaws Jamie Munson drafted might not have come to different conclusions about the rightness of their vote and the reasons for casting their 2007 vote as they did. 

Until there is a List E to add here ... let's move on to the previously described Lists A, B, C and D.

Well, maybe let's bump things down a little bit and have a jump/break so as not to clutter things too terribly.

recent publicly listed pastors Warren Throckmorton list WtH list of late 2011 pastors and staff from Wayback searches formerly publicly listed City profiles from list C
Brandon Andersen Phil Smidt bill clem
Jerry Austin Mike Wilkerson mark driscoll
Zach Bolen Jon Krombein bubba jennings
Joel Brown Nate Burke joel brown
Dave Bruskas Aaron Mead brad house
Ed Choi Matt Repucci mike wilkerson
Adam Christiansen Jeff Bettger eric stark
Josh Clayton Andrew Lisi phil smidt
David Cox Tim Quiring justin holcomb
Gabe Davis Phil Poirier matt johnson
Joe Day Dick McKinley elliot grudem
Mark Driscoll Matt Johnson adam christiansen
Mark Dunford Zach Bolen katie allen
Cliff Ellis Bill Clem brandon anderson
David Fairchild Alex Early matt kelly
Alex Ghioni Wyatt Houtz lynne wilson
Aaron Gray Caleb Davis mitch miller
Matthias Haeusel Tyler Powell david ginn
AJ Hamilton Scott Mitchell thomas hurst
Scott Harris Kyle Firstenberg gary shavey
Drew Hensley Samuel Choi alex ghioni
Thomas Hurst Nick Bogardus michael van skaik
Cam Huxford Justin Schaeffer tim zion
Anthony Ianniciello Kerry Michaelis sam delay
Bubba Jennings Matt Jensen jason skelton
Brian Jonkman Justin Holcomb seth winterhalter
Ryan Kearns Fred Choi brian mccormack
Dustin Kensrue James Noriega dustin nickerson
Kirby Langley Elliot Grudem rachelle peck
Alfredo Lobaina Eric Stark tim gaydos
Cliff Low Chris Swan will little
Donovan Medina Brad House caleb davis
Andy Phipps Tim Gaydos cam huxford
Adam Ramsey Will Little colin day
Matt Rogers Tim Beltz steven kwan
Miles Rohde Dave Kraft gareth best
Paul Rohrbaugh Bruce Ensign justin ashurst
James Rose Steven Mulkey brandon olsen
Gary Shavey Willie Wilson jeff bettger
Bill Simmonds Chad Toulouse willie wilson
Jason Skelton James Harleman paul freed
Tim Smith Scott Thomas rachel freed
Joe Stengele Jeremy Echols jordan gwyther
Jim Tomisser shandel slaten
Steve Tompkins david katz
Sutton Turner amanda hightower
Matt Wallace maurice morales
Ryan Welsh chris bristol
Ryan Williams jevon washington
Seth Winterhalter samuel choi
Steve Zietlow dave harris
mike davis
steven mulkey
bruce ensign
kyle van tine
susan ensign
laurie mcnally
travis matthews
jenny matthews
justin watilo
walter cunningham
matt jensen
steve sakanashi
alex berg
devin deuell
jason murray
steve tompkins
james harleman
justin schaeffer
kerry michaelis
dick mckinley
chad toulouse
joe day
jim tomisser
reagan north
david fairchild
cliff ellis
cliff low
tim beltz
bill simmonds
fred choi
justin gillebo
toby morrell
nick bogardus
kyle firstenberg
dustin kensrue
dave kraft
aj hamilton 
donovan medina
matt wallace
jamie munson

Wenatchee The Hatchet does not vouch for the accuracy of any of the City profile listings as some accounts will surely have been deactivated or possibly reassigned.  This will be moot to the average reader who does not have access to The City but for those who actually do have access to The City don't be too surprised if the profile user numbers in the list don't match whatever is currently the case.  After all, these lists are presented as a way to get some sense of how much the leadership culture of Mars Hill has changed since 2011 and particularly, it seems, since Sutton Turner joined the executive leadership team. 

Recently announced sabbaticals or layoffs such as might be addressed in wording somewhat like the following:

Staff Chapel

Last week we had to make the very tough decision to transition a number of people off of staff from our ministry support departments, as well as some staff at a few of our local churches. These are all good people who served and worked hard for the church, and we regret that we had to make these changes. If you know any of them, please reach out to offer your prayers and support during this transition, and please continue to pray for the church as we navigate through a tough season.
At this week’s Staff Chapel, we had the opportunity to invite these friends back so that we could honor them and pray over them. They joined other staff members who are being sent out to new opportunities, and also those who recently resigned. It was a meaningful time of worship and reflection as a church family. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to show these staff members how deeply we care about them and appreciate the contribution they have made toward Jesus’ mission at Mars Hill. While they may no longer be on staff, we love them and they are still a part of our church family.

cannot yet be established.

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