Thursday, January 23, 2014

Warren Throckmorton surveys the landscape of citation errors he's spotted in Real Marriage

As Throckmorton has noted the Kindle edition of Real Marriage acknowledges that some guy named Dan Allender exists.  But it looks like the sort of accidental discovery that does not necessarily reassure readers that there was any concession that "mistakes were made" here.  We've been able to establish here at Wenatchee The Hatchet that Grace was not only familiar with Dan Allender's work as far back as 2000, Mark Driscoll commended The Wounded Heart in a Men's Training Camp booklet in 2006

With another stop on the Real Marriage promotional tour emerging next month (also here).it's worth raising once more the question to the Driscolls as to why they didn't credit Allender's work in the first place and to ask Thomas Nelson how on earth none of their editors noticed the overlap of terms and cocnepts between Grace Driscoll's chapter 7 and Dan Allender's chapter 9. It's nearly impossible to read the emergence of an acknowledge of Dan Allender by Mark and Grace Driscoll as anything other than a retroactive recognition that mistakes were made in not properly crediting Allender's work or in disclosing the degree to which both Mark and Grace Driscoll were familiar with Allender's work, recommended it within Mars Hill Church, and relied upon it in formulating some of the content that ended up not only in Real Marriage but also, it seems, in Death by Love. If there's been an adjustment acknowledging Allender's influence in one book will we see a comparable, corresponding correction in the other book?

We'll find out what Mark and Grace Driscoll do or don't plan to say about their failure to properly acknowledge Dan Allender's existence and influence when Real Marriage was first published when the next stop in the promotional tour hits in February, maybe?

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