Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Elephant's Debt: Former elders Scott Phelps and Barry Slabaugh release a statement, are then publicly labeled as satanic

For those who have some interest in James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel stuff.

Concerns about MacDonald will be relevant to those who have an interest in Mars Hill since Mark Driscoll has referred to MacDonald as a friend and as having a spiritual gift of real estate acquisition and an ability to raise resources. Granting that the posted descriptions of governance at MH have changed drastically between the spring of 2012 and the summer of 2013 (discussed here). Since at one point, in the event of any charge being made against Driscoll, James MacDonald was listed as one of the parties to assess charges (discussed here) it seems good to keep some idea of what's going on over there and what issues are in public discussion.

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Anonymous said...

Exact same thing happens at Mars Hill.

Consider the number of staff transitions where people have left the state.

This is the least offensive way to escape without getting in the cross hairs.