Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a few things planned for 2013 ...

Those who grew up in but outgrew premillenial dispensationalism were probably not fretting at all about the alleged Mayan apocalypse.  Thus it was with Wenatchee The Hatchet.  Instead of mulling over end times stuff thoughts have been turned more toward fun things to eventually blog about in 2013.

How about an analysis of "Cirex" as an example of the chamber music for double-bass and guitar of
Annette Kruisbrink?  Sound fun?  Well, sounds fun to Wenatchee The Hatchet.  How about a brief analysis of a Samuel Adler duet?  Possibly some short album reviews of chamber music for guitar & saxophone, or guitar and mandolin, or guitar and bassoon?  We might go there.

This year there was this movie in which a character quoted a line from an old movie about how big things can have small beginnings. Sometimes a thing can seem to end up small that began big, maybe even about $4 million big?

Curiosity made some news exploring Mars this year and curiosity has led to exploring bits of the Martian landscape that cartographers have not, at least on blogs, necessarily paid much attention to (except, in one case, Halden Doerge, maybe).  You won't see any awesome pictures of the Martian landscape in 2013 at this blog ... but you might get to read an overview of what can be observed about recipients of a masters in missional leadership and an overview of the run-up to a program that's ... taking a break, maybe.  We might even do a little bit of research to look at case studies of graduates re:train our eyes on the topic a bit more in 2013. 

But that's for 2013.  Hope you all had safe and pleasant holidays. 

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