Friday, July 06, 2012

for everything there is an appropriate time

Sometimes I blog and sometimes I write and it is coincidental, at times, that these two spheres of activity overlap. This has been one of those times where there is not necessarily any real overlap.

Longtime readers know there's things in store for some ongoing projects.  There's a lot more coming along for that project, if you know what the project is.

There's not much planned for the real estate series because documenting real estate acquisitions gets tedious after a while.

I'm aware of a story involving some claims about demons that has been posted.  I have seen that a few people reflexively stake out the axiom that there are two sides to every story but what they really mean by that is there is only one side they want to take seriously.

Appropos of nothing, perhaps, I would suggest all those people go pop in Akira Kurosawa's film Rashomon in which multiple people provide conflicting accounts and none of the accounts add up to a simple narrative. Yeah, folks, it's kinda like that.

The Ecclesiastes allusion is deliberate because I've finished a fantastic commentary on Ecclesiastes I hope to blog about later.  But right now I'm more interested in writing stuff that doesn't necessarily end up here.  I'm excited to be working on some new chamber pieces for some combinations of instruments that are exceedingly rare in one style of music as they are common in another.

I have not forgotten about Chamber Music Week 2 but there's a time to blog and a time to write and a time to hang out with family and friends and watch movies. So comparatively speaking I have not done a lot here and have not been in any rush to do too much in connection to the blog at the moment.  Sometimes you want to have a fun 4th of July week and just tinker with a post or two rather than crank out a lot of posts.

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