Monday, May 28, 2012

Resurgence Evolution Article, Place Your Ad Here

The article itself is neither here nor there for me.  Will Little has written a piece that may already interest you or not.  But over at Phoenix Preacher this got a link and someone pointed out something over there in the comments that caught my eye.

Check out the upper right quadrant there. 

"Advertise here"

Advertise with who?

Top Square - Every Page 260 x 260 Top Right
260,000 Est.Impressions
3 of 3 Available
$1,295 per 30 days

Mid Banner A - Every Page 200 x 125 Middle Right
260,000 Est.Impressions
2 of 3 Available
$995 per 30 days

Both are limited time introductory rates.

Beacon Ads LLC has a copyright listing 2007 -2012
Powered by BuySellAds

Beacon Ads has the most skeletal and uninformative "About/Overview" section I've ever seen for a website.  You can't find any information on who owns the firm, who the team is or much beyond this:
"Powered by BuySellAds"

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