Tuesday, October 25, 2011

another update on the Mars Hill trademark and the cease and desist letter


As I have blogged and commented here in the last week I don't see that Mars Hill has automatically been screeching evil in getting on the case of people about a trademark and logo.  The bit that caught me off guard was the trademark and logo didn't get federal approval until this year ... but then I remembered how many years Mars Hill was running before it had anything like by-laws at all and this stopped catching me off guard. 

It's interesting to learn that the church in Sacramento that was part of this cyber-dust-up is Assemblies of God.  Ah, the old AG days.  I'm not Assemblies of God anymore but I do have some fond memories from my Pentecostal days. 

Over the years I have continually noted the cynicism, anger, and hostility toward Mars Hill and Driscoll as its distillation over the last five to six years.  I remain committed, perhaps obstinately so, to ambivalence.  The denomination recently put together a food drive for the Port Angeles Salvation Army corps food pantry over this last week and I have heard eleven tons of food were put together.  It also seems to have turned out that trademark lawyers have conceded that maybe they should have let the organizations talk to each other before lawyers do that lawyer thing they do. 

As Proverbs put it, every story sounds like the truth until the cross examination.  If you've made up your mind to be unabashedly for or against Mars Hill without any qualification or reservation you're being foolish.  There's no wiggle room for qualification there. 

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"Churches that Copyright are not Churches"