Tuesday, January 05, 2010

"On Paying Bills" (a sonnett)

I have bills to pay the old-fashioned way
(bills do not creep up on you unawares).
Paying them will take up most of my day.
A bill you receive is one for your cares.
You can't tell yourself, "I will care for less."
You can't help but be in some other's debt
And you can't stop caring, that is your mess.
You can't help living a life with regret.
You can't help but pay for others' mistakes
(As both life and death are just what they are)
As well as your own, and that is what makes
The death of a man the life of a star--
Both distant, certain, and yet indistinct.
Not even after life are bills extinct.

It isn't great but it's improvised. Improvised sonnetts tend to be lacking in quality. I trust there is no need to expound upon the inspiration for such a piece of doggerel as this. My villanelle a few years ago was better.

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