Sunday, July 24, 2016

in the not-surprise headline of the day, DNC chair to step down in wake of leaks indicating Democratic machinery favored Clinton against Sanders

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, long under fire for the appearance of partiality toward Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primaries, will step down as the party's national chairwoman at the end of its convention this week, she announced Sunday.

The announcement came after internal emails newly disclosed by Wikileaks revived the long-running suspicions of supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders that the Florida congresswoman had tilted the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton.

While one party power base seems set to rally around a candidate they didn't seem to want, another party is going to have to see if they can get people to really around a candidate the political machine seems to have chosen in advance regardless of populist concerns. 

So, if there's a silver-lining hear the Democratic National Convention has demonstrated that the game has been rigged against a populist agitator to favor an entrenched and historically compromised technocrat?  That's not really a surprise and perhaps that silver lining is all the DNC has to say for itself, they've rigged things up so that a Trump equivalent from the left doesn't stand a chance. 

Because Sanders is to the left what Trump is to the right, a populist agitator. 

Apologies to those who didn't see this coming since the start of the first Obama administration, where Clinton was concerned.  The carpetbagging was ... fairly obvious on Clinton's side. Sanders became a Democrat formally too recently to plausibly believe the machine would favor him over someone like Clinton.

This shouldn't have been a surprise but "maybe" it was. For those who have labored in the last twenty years under the impression that the political machines at the heart of the two party system were interested in an actually democratic process maybe this election year will lay that illusion to rest for partisans who have supported both parties.

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