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Becky Garrison spots a Greg Kappas as a director of Learning for Living. The same Kappas involved in the earlier years of Mars Hill?

23632 Highway 99, Suite F517, Edmonds, WA 98026 USA

There better be a physical address you can find for the place or you'd best not give a blessed cent.  You should wait to give until after the 501(c)3 status is vetted and approved and there's also a physical address to contact. 

After all ... as discussed in the following blog post

UBI Number603199549
State Of IncorporationWA
WA Filing Date04/17/2012
Expiration Date04/30/2015

Address505 UNION AVE SE STE120

Governing Persons

Member,ManagerDRISCOLL , MARK23632 HIGHWAY 99 STE F441
EDMONDS , WA 98026
EDMONDS , WA 98026-9211
private mailboxes aren't even remotely good at indicating where someone or something (as an organization) actually exists.

Over at her tumblr space Becky Garrison has uncovered the listed directors of the Learning for Living non-profit whose 501(c)3 status awaits confirmation:

Of particular note is ...
Mark Driscoll
Greg Kappas
Tope Koleoso

It would be interesting to confirm if the Greg Kappas mentioned is the same one Driscoll mentioned in "seasons of grace"
In the second season, Grace and I began attending Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, where we volunteered our time working with their college ministry. We then located in Seattle to be closer to students and after a few months I was brought on staff as a part-time intern to oversee the college group. I served in that position for nearly two years and learned a great deal in my first position of ministry leadership in a church. At that time I met Mike Gunn who had moved from a pastorate in Southern California to begin a ministry to athletes at the University of Washington. I also met Lief Moi, a local radio show host, who came in to teach a class for us. These two men and their wives and children became like family and together we began dreaming about the possibility of planting an urban church for an emerging postmodern generation in one of the least churched cities in the U.S. We began praying, studying the scriptures, reading a great deal on postmodernity, and dialoging together to formulate a philosophy of ministry appropriate for our context. Helping us formulate our launch plan was Dr. Greg Kappas, who graciously mentored us and provided wise insight and counsel.

There's another place in which Driscoll mentioned a Kappas, quoted by Wenatchee The Hatchet.

The key is to make a sincere and devoted attempt to take with you other strong and capable men who are well respected and potential elders with you. And, getting them some pulpit time if/when they are capable and trustworthy also helps in perception.
 For example, when I started I had Mike Gunn and Lief Moi with me. And, they have been two of the richest blessings God has ever given me in ministry. Both have theological education, lots of ministry experience, lots of pulpit experience, are older and have outstanding families. And, I had worked with them for a few years at our sending church and they were very close friends and godly men with wives of great character. So, from the beginning it was clear that we were working together and that they were also to be respected and followed. They have, to their credit, called me face to face on my sins and pride. And, each time they have they were right. They have never done this in public and have always been my biggest encouragement and covered my back at every turn. Because of their age they could have made my life difficult and been divisive. But, this has never ever been an issue. I am all for a team type concept, but the hard part is getting real biblical elders who qualify for their office with families of particular honor. Today, I would have to say that our elders are a tremendous honor and safety zone for me to work from who have faithfully guided our church through some very difficult places and I thank God for each of the men every day. Also, their wives are outstanding mothers and teachers of women who have been outstanding allies and partners in our work.

In addition, strong capable men who also have their own churches are good to sit under the authority of, particulalry for a young man. For example, Dr. Greg Kappas was a church planting coach to me and a tremendous help, encouragement, and advocate. He had planted his own churches, taught church planting at Western Seminary, and helped oversee a regional network of church planters. To this day Greg remains like a brother and his counsel has always been much needed and appreciated. And, my father in law Gib Martin planted his church over 35 years ago and remains there as the lead pastor and is also a great help and cheerleader who has been very very supportive and available. And, Dr. David Nicholas with the Spanish River Church and now Acts 29 has at least as much insight into planting as any man I have ever met and he and I are very very close and in contact weekly as I am with Gib and Greg. In addition, I've had the privilege of meeting thousands of other pastors across the U.S. and gleaning from their experience and wisdom.  Overall, I must admit I have been very very blessed by God. My life shows His grace in some very clear ways and the men He has called me into relationships with have really been life changing.

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