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2-5-2008 spiritual warfare Part 3 part 5 commentary 2 "I wrote it with Dr. Gerry Breshears" but in 2006 Driscoll indicated he'd mostly completed Death By Love already

... Last thing and then we'll take a break. In the very, very back in chapter fourteen, I do give you a chapter. I've got a book coming out called Death By Love. It'll be out in October with Crossway. I wrote it with Dr. Gerry Breshears of Western Seminary and what we did was I wrote twelve chapters that are biblical pastoral counseling and what I do is I tell someone's story and then I write them a letter. The Bible's got some letters written to people, I thought it might be an interesting idea. And each chapter, I tell someone's story and then I write them a letter about one aspect of the atoning death of Jesus on the cross and what he's done for them. It comes out of our ministry here at Mars Hill. This is an unpublished (so don't distribute it), this is an unpublished copy of chapter one, "Christus Victor", about a woman who was demonically tormented and I tell her story and I write her a letter explaining in a pastoral way much of what I've taught you today. And my goal there is just to give you an example of what, you know, spiritual warfare, Christ-centered, cross-centered biblical counseling would look like under the doctrine of christus victor. You can read it on your own. I hope it's helpful. It's not yet published so this is not final proof-edited version, Crystal is cleaning all of it up for me, but I give it to you as an example, as an example.

Death By Love would get published and both Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears were listed as co-authors.  One of the things that would eventually get addressed by Warren Throckmorton would be the number of citation problems in the book.

It was in Death By Love that the first uncredited appropriation of concepts coined by Dan Allender occurred.  It was also the book in the easily refuted claim that Arminius was the son-in-law of Calvin was made.

Thanks to R. Scott Clark for having pointed it out.

More remarkably, Breshears also chunked both the dating and the content of the Targum Neofiti.  Wenatchee The Hatchet has discussed that at some length and that would be material that would have been developed in 2008.  But, again, as Wenatchee The Hatchet has discussed elsewhere, a good deal of Death By Love was written as far back as 2006.
Driscoll mentioned being mainly done with Death By Love as far back as 9-16-2006.

We are still giving 10 percent of our money to help lead the Acts 29 Church Planting Network. I'm still writing a lot, including a book titled Death by Love on the subject of the cross that is nearing completion.

So if the book was near completion back in 2006 was it just stuff about the Targum Neofiti that was new in 2008? Driscoll's Amyraldian solution to a traditional tension between those who espouse a limited and a limited atonement could be taken up some other time.  The question is about how a book that Driscoll described as nearly done in 2006 entirely by himself transformed by 2008 into a book that was co-authored with Gerry Breshears. 

In fact the whole question of why, when so many authors tended to not get credited the first time around when their materials were relied on (think "Dan Allender") by Mark Driscoll, did Mark Driscoll give Gerry Breshears a co-authorial credit for as many books as he did?  What was the deal there?  We can even ask that literally, was there some kind of deal in that? 

Given how ridiculously ignorant and indefensible Mark Driscoll's unyielding stance on the "navel" has been in Song of Songs against even the most rudimentary working definitions of Hebrew words it's hard to imagine Driscoll has to date provided any material proof that he got a degree in exegetical theology. Unavoidably problematic is the reference to the "navel" of a son in Proverbs 3.  For further discussion on that go back to the following.

Which is to say that it's never been clear to Wenatchee The Hatchet that Mark Driscoll ever took biblical languages getting his master's degree.  Perhaps his transcript can be fished up to establish if the case has been otherwise and Mark Driscoll actually studied any biblical Hebrew.  Meanwhile, the question of how between Breshears and Driscoll the two of them could chunk something as basic as the Arminius was Calvin's son in law remains a mystery.

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