Tuesday, January 21, 2014

another one's gone from the publicly listed roster of pastors, Matt Johnson


I’ve taken on editorial duties at Resurgence, at least for a season. This means I’m reviewing nearly every blog article before we post it and giving content feedback in an effort to help our writers get their message out even further.

Back when Wenatchee The Hatchet discussed this baffling notice from Driscoll that he was taking on editorial duties at Resurgence in the wake of Janet Mefferd's allegations that Mark Driscoll plagiarized, we looked at the lack of demonstrable editorial experience Driscoll can cite over the last twenty years.

What we didn't discuss so much is that since Resurgence Publishing already had an editor/publication manager it seemed utterly superfluous to have Driscoll going in and editing things when he'd lately been accused of plagiarism.  The December 18, 2013 statement from Tyndale featured a Mark Driscoll lamenting that mistakes were made regarding the Trial study guide for the 1 & 2 Peter series.

No explanation was offered by Driscoll as to who made those mistakes, and the passive wording from MH PR explaining that a team of people including a research assistant worked on the study guide, would have seemed to point fingers at Crystal Griffin and Justin Holcomb.  As noted elsewhere at this blog, statements got revised and a previously open letter by Mark Driscoll touting Holcomb as his Docent Group given research assistant vanished.  The passive aggressive blame-shift of citation errors to unspecified parties didn't seem to work when people on the internet could quote Mark Driscoll word for word about who contributed to the process of assembling the now retracted study guide.

But, still, Resurgence had an editor and publication manager who was handling things, right?
Or at least right up until January 2014 Matt Johnson was working at Resurgence Publishing. 

Volunteer Pastor

Mars Hill Church

Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Religious Institutions industry
March 1997Present (16 years 11 months) Greater Seattle Area
I have volunteered 40 plus hours per month at Mars Hill Church. I co-lead with a team that organizes, manages and casts vision for a pool of 200 plus volunteers. I am responsible for overseeing, and developing leaders within a team of over 20, I regularly provide one on one pastoral counseling, and speak and preach publicly on a regular basis. In addition, I have provided leadership oversight, coaching and consultation on numerous occasions, across the country, to churches launching recovery and counseling ministries.

Editor / Publication Manager | Resurgence Books

Resurgence Publishing

Public Company; 11-50 employees; Publishing industry
February 2011January 2014 (3 years) seattle
Manage, coordinate and facilitate the writing, editing, updating, review, and publication of all Resurgence Books materials

Manage team of twelve volunteer writers, serve as general editor for bi-monthly full-length book projects

Senior Editor for all TheResurgence.com and Marshill.com content
Serve as primary liaison between authors, reviewers, editors, and staff, corresponding in a professional and thorough manner to ensure accuracy of content and timely publication

Manage the work flow of TheResurgence.com and Marshill.com editorial staff and worked closely with writers and editors

Managed day to day publication operations of a book line that has collectively sold over 800,000 books

Developmental, theological, and heavy line-editing of nine ReLit titles including the highest selling ReLit title, Matt Chandler’s Explicit Gospel (nominated by Evangelical Christian Publishers Association as non-fiction book of the year), as well as Redemption, Rid of My Disgrace, and Gospel Coach among others

Managed the building of a self-publishing model
Consulted on theological edits for TheResurgence.com and Marshill.com

Well, maybe not?

Whether or not he's jumped ship from Mars Hill completely or has remained connected in some capacity remains to be established. It's possible that the LinkedIn profile is not quite up-to-date since MHC isn't publicly listing Johnson as a pastor. He's definitely listing himself in the past-tense as an employee of Resurgence Publishing, the for-profit corporation headed by Sutton Turner these days, though in the past the president of Resurgence Publishing was (in a revelation that will shock no one) Mark Driscoll.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting that Matt Johnson's blog posts remain available on the Resurgence site (at least for now?). It seems that whenever a MH pastor leaves, all of their posts get scrubbed, even those who appear to leave amicably. I've never really understood the necessity of that.


Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

Depends on when and how they left. Certainly it seems as though some content from Willie Wilson's harder to find these days.


However he transitioned out it "may" have been in a way where MH's kind of trying to forget about him.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

But there's still this: