Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mars Hill opens its new Downtown church


This is the site that is being leased, and that deal as a lease nearly didn't happen.


In an article published August 12, 2012 The Seattle Times reported the deal almost didn't go through.
Back in 2011 when the deal was considered it nearly failed because the owner of the property didn't want to sell or completely relinquish control over the real estate.  It might also be of some significance that back in August 2011 Munson was still on the executive elder team, or not.  By September 2011 Munson stepped down and got a great big "he's always been perfect" send-off by Driscoll, and then Sutton Turner, whose kingly gifts were described as having been badly needed by Mars Hill for some time, stepped up later in 2011.  For those who don't recall, in Confessions of a Reformission Rev Driscoll credited Munson with scouting the 50th street property. 

The former Tabella/former Mars Hill Downtown went up for sale.

This link, mentioned in the original post is as dead as Uncle Ben in Spiderman comics (unless Marvel retconned that, too). 

that's because ...


Mars Hill Church SeattleBelltownSOLD14,400 SF$4,500,000

It sold, for 4.5 million

Speaking of that price ... here's a blast from the past in which Munson discussed the bid on Tabella back in 2007.  If the building were appraised by someone at a million more than $3.95 million that would be 4.95 million, right?  So selling at 4.5 million would still conceivably constitute a loss, wouldn't it?  Unless the real estate were closer to 2.3 or 2.4 million. The executive elders in place able to make the bid on Tabella in 2007 (September 2007 according to The Stranger) were Mark Driscoll, Jamie Munson, Bubba Jennings, and Scott Thomas.  Maybe one of them could answer the question of who appraised Tabella at $4.95 million.  The real estate bubble hadn't burst yet and it's possible anyone could have come up with some kind of number but King County seemed to low-ball the value compared to $4.95 million back in 2007.

For an overview of systemic losses at each campus as reported by Driscoll in mid-2012 you can visit here.

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