Saturday, April 04, 2020

a not comprehensive list of men who served in ministry roles in Mars Hill and whether or not they are currently serving in any pastoral capacity

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list.  Mars Hill lasted nearly twenty years and had many, many leaders at all levels of organization.  Mark Driscoll, obviously, is leading a new-ish church in Arizona.  Dave Bruskas stayed in ministry and catching up to what has happened to him is more than I currently feel like doing.  Sutton Turner has joined the Vanderbloemen Group, last I recall.

The following list has been culled from results of a list of compiled staff or leaders who had City accounts circa 2014. One of the striking things about Mars Hill page layout design was including hotlinks to accounts on The City.  Obviously those accounts have gone defunct since Mars Hill dissolved but it became a snapshot that provided a sense of the scale of Mars Hill circa May 2014.

There is no currently accounting for Mike Gunn or Lief Moi, the co-founders of Mars Hill.  As Mark Driscoll has seemed reluctant to mention Mars Hill at all these days the odds that he knows of the whereabouts of his co-founding pastors may be low.

However, having documented more than a few things about the late Mars Hill over the years, I can put together a not-comprehensive list of the range of men who had roles within Mars Hill history, though many names here won't mean anything to people whose understanding of the church was mediated by, literally, media coverage, rather than through direct participation. Even yours truly didn't meet a few of these people.

Bill Clem
Bill Clem, director of the Center for Pastoral Flourishing
Bill Clem recently joined Western Seminary as the new director of the CPF. Bill has spent over forty years in various ministry contexts leading college ministries, planting churches, teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels and leading professional development seminars. Most recently, he served as the associate pastor of Imago Dei Community Church (Portland, OR) for almost six years. “He is a highly respected member of the pastoral community in Portland” said Chuck Conniry, vice president of Academic Affairs. “He is the ideal person to advance the mission of the Center.”

bubba jennings, lead pastor

joel brown, associate pastor

brad house, Executive Pastor of Ministry

mike wilkerson, not currently in any formal ministry

eric stark, no longer in formal ministry

phil smidt, not in formal ministry

justin holcomb, canon for vocations (florida), adjunct prof Gordon Conwell

matt johnson, published book but not observably in formal ministry

elliot grudem

adam christiansen, pastor at Cross & Crown

thomas hurst , not observably in formal ministry

Gary Shavey, in pastoral ministry at Redeemer Eastside

alex ghioni, pastor at Dox Church Bellevue

michael van skaik, not able to establish if in any ministerial role at this time

tim zion, not currently in formal ministry

sam delay, not in formal ministry

jason skelton (not observably in formal ministry)
(former MHC Sammamish merged with MHC Bellevue)

seth winterhalter (in leadership at Harbor Church, Olympia)

brian mccormack, lead pastor of Reach Church

dustin nickerson, comedian, member & outreach manager at the Salvation Army

tim gaydos, chaplain for Sounders and Mariners, not in other pastoral roles at present

Will Little, unknown

Caleb Davis, in pastoral ministry

cam huxford, worship pastor at Cross & Crown

Colin Day, not in formal ministry

steven kwan, unknown

Gareth Best, no observable current ministry, though mentions past Acts 29 activity on LinkedIn

justin ashurst, not currently in ministry

brandon olsen, unknown

jeff bettger, not in any ministry

willie wilson, not currently known

dave harris, in ministry

mike davis, unknown

steven mulkey, in ministry

bruce ensign, unknown

kyle van tine, in ministry

matt jensen, possibly still in ministry but common name

steve tompkins, possibly still in ministry but uncertain at the moment

james harleman, still in ministry, Refuge Church

justin schaeffer, not currently in ministry

kerry michaelis, unknown

dick mckinley unknown

chad toulouse unknown

joe day, not in ministry

david fairchild, in ministry (covered over at the following post)

aj hamilton, no longer serving in ministry

jamie munson, owner of Simply Seattle
Doesn't mention any of his 15 some years at Mars Hill in any capacity

Scott Thomas, still is in the ministry scene

There's no sign of James Noriega since he checked into rehab.


Anonymous said...

Steve Tompkins (to my knowledge) is a chaplain for Swedish Hospital

DawnC said...

Steve Tompkins is at Holy Trinity Edmonds,an Anglican Church.

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

hope he's doing okay. I didn't get to know him very well but I did get a chance to meet him over the years.