Monday, November 10, 2014

MH Tacoma plans to relaunch as Resurrection Church in 2015
1 day ago ·  Mars Hill Church | Tacoma
Mars Hill Church, Tacoma will become Resurrection Church in the new year

Whether Mars Hill Tacoma's transformation into Resurrection Church will work or not remains to be seen.  Given the fiscal deficits that have been systemic for much of Mars Hill's history up until ... well ... it's a dying company, after all ... the odds don't seem particularly good. 

Then again, they have put a lot of real estate on the market.  The churches that want to go independent may have to assume the debt for their real estate of meeting and it seems unlikely this could be done.  Sammamish is reportedly in talks to merge with Bellevue (death may be the better decision than to have Sammamish merge with Bellevue in terms of a merge over distance).

Tacoma isn't up for sale, if memory serves, so that could strengthen a bid for an independent launch.  That doesn't mean the odds seem particularly great but they seem to be stronger for Tacoma than for Ballard.

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