Saturday, September 20, 2014

the following of Sutton Turner on Twitter, a new short story in screencaps tells a story of a Turner in September 2014 that does not mention Mars Hill so much

One of the curiosities about The WayBack Machine is that in the event that it captures a webcrawl of a Twitter account it isn't necessarily in English.  Let's take the twitter account of Sutton Turner.
From March 26, 2014.  Anyone want to find out what "Jarraitzaleak" might lead to?  Let's say we click on that and find out where The WayBack Machine goes?

It would appear to be "followers" in this case.
Now, let's see what Sutton Turner's Twitter profile looked like August 5, 2014

How about September 20, 2014?

2,559 tweets in August 2014 and now September 20, 2014 there's just ... 16 tweets?
Lot of scrubbing of the twitter feed there, Sutton.  Not much sign of Mars Hill or Mark Driscoll or ministry or anything like that. 

It's kind of fascinating, by the way, how Turner's twitter following just kept exploding this year after it turned out he signed the Result Source Inc. contract.  Was the notoriety of that good for getting a Twitter following?

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Whozep68 said...

Two things:

1) funny that he is now following Alpha and Omega ministries. They deal a lot with Islam and reformed apologetics.

2) he hasn't unfavorited anything yet. Still a lot from Mars Hill.