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Pajama Pages on the MH BOAA--a bit of a correction on Michael Van Skaik's pastoral career at MH


The fourth outside member and chairman of the BOAA, Michael Van Skaik, differs from the other three in that he does not appear to have a history as a pastor or speaker. His LinkedIn and Facebook profiles show that he is a former bank executive from Seattle, though he appears to live a relatively anonymous life in Bend, Oregon, now.

One of the reasons Jamie Munson declared that Paul Petry needed to be fired was "refusal to Minsitry Coaching program", by way of brief paraphrase.  Was this a reference to an arrangement with Ministry Coaching International, for instance? 

Then there's some general background on members of the BOAA

And Van Skaik's part in sending letters for a former employee review process that may retroactively have been presented (or actually been at the time) a way to assess the legitimacy of some formal charges against Mark Driscoll ... maybe?  In any case Van Skaik's signature was on the letter published at the post below.

And then there's this ...

In later 2011 Michael Van Skaik was publicly listed as an elder at Mars Hill Bellevue
Is probably a dead profile account by now.



In early 2012 the Mars Hill Board of Elders was described at the Governance page as follows:

The Board of Elders currently consists of: Jamie Munson, who serves as chairman of the Board, Michael Van Skaik [emphasis added], Will Little, Mark Driscoll, Dave Bruskas, and Sutton Turner. There is one vacancy on the Board of Elders which will be filled in the coming weeks.How are the Board of Elders members selected?
See also the long-since changed Governance page contents preserved by Wenatchee The Hatchet at the post above for the following:

What is the Compensation Committee?The Compensation Committee determines the total compensation for each member of the Executive Elder Team and discharges any other responsibilities delegated to it by the Board of Elders regarding staff compensation and benefit plans at Mars Hill Church. In determining the total compensation for each member of the Executive Elder Team, this committee hires an independent compensation consultant to prepare and deliver a report detailing compensation levels and benefits for similarly qualified individuals in comparable positions at similar organizations.

The Compensation Committee consists of at least three members of the Board of Elders chosen from among the nonpaid elders serving on the board. The members of the committee are appointed by the Board of Elders. Currently, the following elders serve on the Compensation Committee: Michael Van Skaik (Chairman) [emphasis added], Will Little, and Jamie Munson.

So Duncan can understandably get the idea that Van Skaik doesn't seem to have a visible history of ministerial or pastoral activity. 

It looks like some folks at Pajama Pages have already linked to some of the materials presented here and some materials from elsewhere.  This post is just a quick overview of what's been discussed about Van Skaik at Wenatchee The Hatchet in the past. 

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