Sunday, February 02, 2014

music blogging

Yeah, hasn't happened so much in the last year as was planned.  It's not that there's been no plans to blog about music but life happens.

Blogging about Matiegka's Grand Sonatas is still a goal, though.  It's just that sometimes a person has a day job and things to do.  Sometimes watching My Little Pony with nieces (and a nephew who's putting up with it for the sake of getting to watch Transformers Prime later) needs to be done.  Sometimes actually, you know, writing music and playing guitar should happen from time to time. 

To the great joy of some and the dismay of others there are a few little projects and activities that may lead to a dial-down of certain kinds of blogging topics here at Wenatchee The Hatchet.  I have, in fact, deliberately killed traffic to this blog in the past.  There have been times where when not writing about Mars Hill history caused readership to die off because when they came to see stuff about Mars Hill they may have seen a lengthy essay about a specific piece by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, or maybe something about the sonatas for clarinet and guitar by Austrian composer Ferdinand Rebay, or maybe they came across a bunch of writing I did about the anime known in the United States as Eureka Seven and how it explores the theme of child abuse.  In other words, despite what the blog seems to have by way of reputation, this blog has never been a strictly "on mission" kind of blog. 

And yes, dear readers, that South Park episode called "The Hobbit" is another toon-related thing that is meant to become a post.  It was a fantastic, funny and thought-provoking episode.  But there's such a thing as doing other things.  Humanity most assuredly does not live by blogging alone. :)   So if there's a bit less blogging here it will be what it will be.  It's not like Wenatchee stopped having a pile of material to write about a great cartoon for Mockingbird, after all. 


Robb said...

ExeGe said...

Fun new "legalese" footer attached to Mark's recent post on The City:

"This communication, including attachments, is for the exclusive use on the Mars Hill City and contains proprietary, confidential or privileged information intended for a limited audience. Any disclosure, use, copying, dissemination, or distribution is strictly prohibited. Thank you."

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

How recently has that footer shown up?

ExeGe said...

Never saw it until yesterday, attached to a new church-wide message from Driscoll about the upcoming 'Jesus Festival' this summer.