Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Warren Throckmorton: Kindle edition of Real Marriage adds Dan Allender to acknowledgments

It took a couple of years after the release of the book but it looks like, at least in the Kindle edition, Real Marriage finally features an acknowledgment of Dan Allender's work and influence. As Throckmorton noted by way of Garrison's update earlier, NavPress got involved in a private discussion with Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church. Of course it's a shame that Allender's work was never credited to begin with, and even more a shame that no editors at Thomas Nelson spotted any possibility that Allender's work might have been referenced.  And, in a larger sense, it's a shame the entirety of the Christian publishing and reviewing apparatus in the entirety of the north American continent didn't catch any of this stuff the year the book came out, let alone before publication. But we can let others take up the task of writing about how the Mark Driscoll attribution problem can be seen as symptomatic of problems in the entirety of contemporary North American Christian publishing. 

If NavPress has ushered in an era in which Allender's work is finally (again) acknowledged by the Driscolls that's another small step in a positive direction.

We've got numbers to crunch from a few fiscal year reports and that can become the basis for a post maybe later in the week.

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