Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mars Hill is looking for a Chief Sales & Marketing Officer


And a lead pastor role at Mars Hill Downtown.

Last Wenatchee checked A. J. Hamilton was still listed as Lead Pastor at Mars Hill Downtown.  Hamilton has, however, been an interim pastor pending a selection of someone else, apparently.


Anonymous said...

Better page capture this gem:

- Fulfill the duties required of Mars Hill Church members as outlined in the membership covenant.
- Fulfill the character qualifications of a elder as taught in the Scriptures.
- Bachelor’s degree in business or related field required, MBA preferred.
- Humility, desire to continually improve, and passion to build a world-class church and ministry operations.
- Commitment to serving Mars Hill in role for at least three years to ensure a solid foundation and consistency.
- Discretion, perseverance, patience, sense of humor, team spirit, and genuinely caring.
“Kingly” in the triperspectival leadership model (prophet-priest-king): strong administrative and organizational skills and gifts, builder of strategies and systems, focused on details.
- Results-focused leadership with persuasive interpersonal skills adaptable to a variety of personalities and situations.

LINK: http://tinyurl.com/q4a9kyq

"Humility" is a qualification? LOL. Anyone who would answer this advertisement would not be humble.

Must possess "a passion to build a world-class church." Gag me.


Nick Bulbeck said...

What's not "world-class" about the church Jesus is building?

1000-odd BC: "We want a king like all the other nations"
33 AD: "We have no king but Caeser"
Today: ??