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a chronology of Lief Moi's connection to MH 2007-2008 in primary documents: part 8b Tim Beltz posts letter to City dated July 9, 2008 regarding the resignation of Moi

Notable in the letter in this post are details that did not get mentioned, such as the advisory/consultant role Tim Beltz played in restructuring compensation and salary at Mars Hill in the 2007 re-org; that Moi's salary had been cut by approximately 40% and that Lief Moi had decided to switch to half-time work and consider other employment during a period when both Moi himself and his wife were in poor health; or that it was possible (as some have conjectured) that even after the pay-cut in 2007 that Moi's salary was cut even more once he switched to half-time employment. 

Having some sense of discretion ... the letter is available after the jump. 

The reasons these omissions were significant is not because (as Moi would eventually publish in a confession or two in 2014) that Moi had no issues, but because at least in one or two cases those who advocated on behalf of Mars Hill Church were willing to defend Mars Hill by making statements about Moi.

Jeremy Echols says:
October 18, 2008 at 2:50 am
Lief Moi did not leave because he was uncomfortable about the direction that the church was going in. He was actually “de-eldered” as you call it due to multiple run-ins with the law over repeat issues and no solving these issues – eventually leading to his arrest. Also within this, he did not walk in the light regarding these issues, thus breaking the accountability that elders in Mars Hill are to have. Anyone who is a member at Mars Hill can read about it on The City…

The likelihood that whoever Echols was/is knew about all the things previously documented here by primary source statements by Wenatchee The Hatchet would seem to be very close to zero.  As Wenatchee The Hatchet has discussed in a number of posts here over the years, one of the significant problems in Mars Hill as a culture has been what some would call a culture of leak asymmetry.  In earlier periods it was not unheard of for advocates of Mars Hill to share things that cast critics or simply former members or staff in a negative light.  When presented with opinions or evidence that there were some problems within the culture of Mars Hill or with the statements or actions of individuals in the organization there have been advocates of Mars Hill who have dismissed these statements as hateful or negative or divisive.  

Whether or not Tim Beltz would be willing to comment on the letter he published to The City in 2008 is not known.  How many thousands of people read the letter is also not possible to establish but the Jeremy Echols who reference a statement of some kind on The City seemed confident that anyone who was a member at Mars Hill could read about why Moi was no longer an elder.  As primary documents go this would constitute the end of an account of Moi's final years within the leadership culture of Mars Hill. 

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