Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mars Hill Church to host certificate and graduate programs pending approval of Northwest Comission on Colleges and Universities



Classes will run from fall to spring and will be held in the afternoons or evenings at Mars Hill Church Bellevue. Mars Hill is partnering with Corban, an accredited Christian university based in Oregon. Classes will be taught on-site in Bellevue by Mars Hill pastors, including Pastor Mark Driscoll, as well as university professors. ...

Because now that Thomas Nelson has indicated they are working with Mark Driscoll to rectify the various citation errors in Real Marriage both they and Mark Driscoll should have caught the first time now's a great time to enroll?

Through Western Seminary you will be able to earn a Graduate Studies Certificate at Mars Hill Church, and apply credits towards your Master of Arts or Master of Divinity degree at one of Western's many campuses*. You'll learn from our senior pastors and ministry leaders as well as seminary professors, all on-site at Mars Hill Church Bellevue.

Western Seminary is an evangelical, non-denominational theological seminary dedicated to “gospel-centered transformation.” Among its professors are Dr. Gerry Breshears, Dr. Art Azurdia, Dr. Carl Laney, Dr. Todd Miles, Dr. Kent Hughes and many other teachers recognized around the world. ...

And from none other than Breshears himself:
“During the last dozen years Western Seminary and I have partnered with Mars Hill Church in doing highest quality pastoral training based on Bible, focused on Jesus, and lived out in the church as it continues the mission of Jesus in the world. This partnership which began with Pastor Mark as a Western student will now go to many more in the new level of our partnership. I am excited to get to help more men and women prepare for pastoral service.”
Gerry Breshears, Ph.D., Professor of Theology at Western

The same Breshears who, according to Mark Driscoll in the Doctrine series, found this rabbinical commentary that supposedly affirms a Trinitarian theology centuries before Jesus?  With whom Driscoll published a book stating that Jacob Arminius was Calvin's son-in-law?  The same Breshears who hasn't published any works of note that weren't co-authored with Mark Driscoll since about the year 2000? 

By the way, does Breshears' comment imply that Mark Driscoll may be budging on the complementarian/egalitarian ecclesiology debate within Protestantism? 

Unsolicited advice, wait to enroll and write checks or seek financial aid until it becomes more clear whether or not Mark Driscoll will ever publicly concede that yet more citation errors occurred than in the Trial study guide.  Given the way Mark Driscoll and his publishers have been handling the plagiarism allegations it's not entirely clear whether Driscoll himself has an established track record in proper citation these days to be teaching graduate level courses.  Then again, it's not clear why Thomas Nelson and company never spotted the citation errors, either.  They've let it be known they're working on it:

It's also worth noting that even in the Tyndale press statement Mark Driscoll took no direct responsibility for the citation errors, just noted that mistakes were made and he took responsibility for them, which leaves plenty of room for the earlier MH PR statement to imply that the mistakes were made by others.  Nor did the Tyndale press statement at any point address the citation issues in Real Marriage.  As Warren Throckmorton's been establishing over the last few weeks Thomas Nelson has made some small but crucial alterations to versions of the book.

Acknowledging Mark and Grace Driscoll relied on material written by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb has only recently happened and apparently without announcement of fanfare.  It's interesting that it's the Google version of the book that reflects those changes.  Why?  Because in some recently published book via The Resurgence it looks like someone wants to make sure that ...

Without limiting the right under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any for or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recorded or otherwise), without the prior written permission of both the copyright owner and the above publisher of the book.

No prize if you find out where this is from. :)  The point being that it looks as though amid increasing evidence that Mark Driscoll and associates were full of citation errors someone over in the Resurgence side of things introduced wording so stringent it looks like it could be used to claim that a book shouldn't even end up in a Google books type platform.  Now to be sure there are folks who hate Google as a champion of copyright infringement and there are some reasons for that, but that's some other topic for another venue.  How Resurgence plans to enforce that seems moot while Thomas Nelson and Mark Driscoll (but not Grace?) are working together to rectify citation errors as huge as not acknowledging the obvious, verifiable influence of Dan Allender on Driscollian thought. 

At least in the Kindle edition the book Real Marriage acknowledges that the person and work of Dan Allender exists but it's not clear whether this amendation has appeared in other formats yet.

If you'd like to express your reservations about Mars Hill hosting school programs in light of recent evidence that Driscoll hasn't adequately cited a variety of sources in his published works or whatever you might wish to get off your chest ...


Meanwhile, Throckmorton surveys old material from the defunct Resurgence Training Center from 2009 to ask the question whether Mark Driscoll would have failed if the citation errors in his books were found in work turned in at his own school.  In light of the evidence a variety of bloggers and journalists have noted in the last few months it's not a sure bet that Mark Driscoll could have graduated from Resurgence Training center with that Masters in Missional Leadership nobody had ever heard of before. 


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Anonymous said...

Not sure where else to put this:
Have any of you seen the sponsored Facebook ad for Mars Hill advertising that "you can become a Mars hill pastor." I can't help but think of online diploma mills.

How has Mars Hill so watered down the training and testing of elders so much that it seems appropriate to advertise on social media that "you too, can be one of us"????

As an aside, Wenatchee, you really need a way to contact you with tips.