Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Dreher/Wilson thing continues

The gist of Doug Wilson's defense (which, it seems inevitably, continues) could be summed up a la Han Solo "It's not my fault".  Sure, Wilson went ahead and got the two parties married because, well, maybe it was gonna happen anyway and there's nothing for it.  After all, in the end there was nothing that Wilson could have necessarily done or said to have stopped it.  Wilson's defense of his approach amounts to "capitulation was the only realistic option because if I didn't capitulate they were going to do their thing anyway".  If that's the case then not capitulating may not have stopped two people from entering into a potentially ill-advised marriage but it would preclude the possibility of Doug Wilson having this thing called culpability.

It's as if advising a guy to live a life of celibacy in light of his convictions (for crimes, not the other kinds of convictions) was never even on the table for Doug Wilson, or was it?

Had Wilson not spent decades seeking a role as a public figure preaching and teaching on how people ought to behave, and doing so in a way that made him a lightning rod, he wouldn't be dealing with any of this. Mark Driscoll at least came to an appreciation that once you have sought out and attained a certain level of celebrity you become the kind of public figure about whom a great deal more can be said than could be said about a private citizen.  Had Doug Wilson not spent so many decades publicly sounding off on all the things he considered suitable and unsuitable regarding the sexes and sexuality, things he did or didn't do or say in the past wouldn't be "on the table" for consideration this year. If Doug Wilson's going to keep blogging about how he's at the gallows in a court of cyber-opinion it's not like anyone forced him to walk up to the gallows.  He seems to have run up there himself and said "Look, I got something I just have to say for the public record."

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Michael Wiggins said...

I wonder if Wilson would use that same approach to same sex marriage? Hey, it's inevitable, it's legal, what can he do to stop it? He's just an innocent bystander marrying people who are gonna do what they're gonna do...

It kills me that there are people who actually think this guy is a bright light of rhetoric or a worthy foe. You can drive a truck through the holes in his logic, he's terrible at reasoning, makes an ass of himself almost invariably when he sits down at the keyboard.

Just makes me sick about the low standards for "Christian" thinkers today. People act like this yutz is Thomas Aquinas, Kierkegaard and C.S. Lewis rolled into one, when he could be thoroughly dressed down and humbled by the average 12 year old who was properly educated in logic and rhetoric.