Saturday, October 24, 2015

just because, comparing Sor's Op. 6 etude 2 to Johnny Cash singing Ring of Fire

Sor Op. 6 etude 2
say around 1:13

One of the reasons I believe that a musical education has to treat popular music and art music as part of one universal continuum is because at least until maybe half way through the 19th century art and pop music were not necessarily that distinct. Leo Brouwer, himself a guitarist and a composer, has sounded off on this over the years.  Brouwer has pointed out that guitarists are at a disadvantage for concert repertoire because academic entrenchment tends to favor the piano and strings, as academia goes.

But in terms of being able to participate in fusion and stylistic experimentation the guitar is in every popular style there is.

Now that's just an aside, this post is to highlight how if you listen to the chorus of "Ring of Fire" and are familiar with Sor's early etudes there's a charming resemblance. 

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