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the Thrive speech in context,"we had an eight year conflict that really went public the last year" except that it was public at the time, and Joyful Exiles went up 3-2012
From Mark Driscoll's 2015 Thrive presentation

And I don’t want to take this opportunity to talk a lot about me, I want to take an opportunity to serve you. We had an eight year conflict that really went public the last year, but it’s been eight years, and some of you struck shepherds know what that’s like.  By the time everybody else knows, you’ve already been dealing with it for a long time. [emphasis added]

There's a simple, big problem here.  It's false for Driscoll to assert that the conflict that came up in 2007 over by-law revisions and terminations "really went public the last year".  Joyful Exiles has been up since March 2012.

And The Stranger was covering the conflict the year it happened, see this article from November 22, 2007

Driscoll's statement is so ostentatiously disprovable only those with no history of Mars Hill over the last decade could have overlooked its inaccuracy.  So not only was the conflict discussed in the local press the year it happened, Paul Petry published a timeline of documents at Joyful Exiles, which has been up and running since March 2012. 


If Driscoll is only lately conceding what happened in 2007 was important he should be willing to explain why the firings of 2007 were, as Jamie Munson put it at the time, necessary and inevitable.  Why it was necessary for two of twenty-four men to be fired because they didn't agree with the direction the by-laws were taking has no rational explanation.  What would have made more sense would have been having the by-laws voted through by the simple majority necessary by the older bylaws to approve the newer bylaws; let those who objected to the bylaws voluntarily resign; and let things move forward.  That anyone "had" to be fired at all over the 2007 governance changes might as well be an admission that the firings were not only political but probably also punitive.

Furthermore, if Driscoll's going to bring up the conflict from 8 years ago ... let's bring up the weird part where the story about who actually wrote those 2007 bylaws changed.  The documentary evidence at Joyful Exiles indicates Jamie Munson wrote the 07 bylaws that made himself president but in 2013 Driscoll was presenting himself as having rewritten the constitution and the bylaws because he wanted to spend more time on being with his wife.  Yet the bylaws from 2007 consolidated power and simplified decision-making toward the executive group.  More power was condensed into a smaller group that had more direct decision-making over more daily business. 

That was the governmental system in place by Turner's arrival that by Turner's recent public account led to disastrous fiscal policy and foolish decisions to back Result Source as a promotional campaign.  So if Mark Driscoll since 2012's wanted to say he redid the bylaws now no less a figure than Sutton Turner has mentioned that by 2011 the church was in a terribly unhealthy financial and governmental position. 

So it would seem Sutton Turner's public criticism vindicated the 2007 criticisms Meyer and Petry had made of where those by-laws would take the church.

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