Sunday, February 15, 2015

Throckmorton reports what WtH has heard, that there's been a buyer interested in the MH Ballard complex, Quest Church

Actually living in Seattle WtH had heard a week or so ago that there was a buyer interested in purchasing the Mars Hill Ballard complex.  The post is as follows:

Although details are few, an announcement in church this morning indicated that Quest Church, pastored by Eugene Cho, will occupy the old Mars Hill Ballard building.

An unidentified staffer indicated that a press release would come out later this week with more details. It is not clear at this time whether Quest Church will purchase the building or enter into some other kind of relationship with what is left of Mars Hill.

Mars Hill Church ceased holding services on the last Sunday of December 2014. The church continues to function as a legal entity to dispose of property and other assets. Church sources have gone silent about the pace of dissolution. The potential lawsuit is still potential.

Mars Hill Ballard  became Cross and Crown Church in 2015. For now, Cross and Crown still meets at 1401 NW Leary Way in Seattle. I wonder where they will go next.

When the press release emerges that will be interesting to see.  As noted before, Wenatchee heard that this lately announced development was in the works.  Before today there was nothing close to a formal verification of the report so it didn't merit a post before.  Now it does, and it will certainly merit a post when the formal press release appears.

Whether the purchase of the Ballard campus will include the purchase of the corporate HQ real estate has not yet been cleared up.

sort of update
UPDATE 02-15- 07.43PM

from one mapleleaf1234

Mars Hill has been unable to sell the U-District Church due to zoning regulations. (It can be used as a church and nothing else). Mars Hill has gifted that church building to Cross and Crown, who will be moving there. Not sure if Quest is buying or leasing the Ballard building.

Which wouldn't be a surprising seeing as how not thoroughly investigating zoning restrictions on real estate was how the MH elders bought the boondoggle that the MH corporate HQ estate turned out to be.  Whether Quest is buying that 51st street property hasn't been addressed yet but the zoning restrictions have "probably" not going away. 

Meanwhile, it seems plausible that the U-District real estate hasn't managed to sell or can't sell and could get gifted to Cross and Crown.  It's not "that" far from MH Ballard as it was. 

One of the last things to get fielded about the MH U-District real estate would have been ... from September 7, 2014

Revisiting the promotion of 2013's A Call to Resurgence in light of a recent campus closure announcement.

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