Sunday, October 27, 2013

a weekend link or two

The de-elevation of the celebrity pastor.

"I Quit Academia", an important, growing subgenre of American essays

How Calvin & Hobbes Inspired a Generation (sort of a Captain Obvious promo for an upcoming film but, yes, I'm planning to see Dear Mr. Watterson in any event)

And staying on that topic ...

Shifting things more to the realm of Strongbadia ... (this link and the previous one get a HT to Alastair Roberts who, somehow, I just can't imagine playing this game)

In another HT to Roberts, "Why Zimbardo's Prisoner Experiment Isn't In My Textbook".  For those whose only familiarity with Zimbardo might be through the retort he got from Stephen Colbert this would be a supplemental reading. 

From Targuman, "The Value of Lament"

These will probably suffice for now

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