Sunday, February 25, 2018

former Mars Hill Portland aka Church at 3210 Taylor Street subjected to administrative dissolution as of last month, reincorporation process to officially be Redeemer Church as a corporate entity undertaken

One of the things we've had going on here at Wenatchee The Hatchet is a side project of keeping tabs on the campuses that spun off from the implosion of Mars Hill.  While Justin Dean has made the rounds on the podcast circuit promoting his book and talking about how most of the spin off campuses are doing fine, it's ... not entirely clear how up to date Dean's information is.

Take the former Mars Hill Portland that became Redeemer in doing-business-as but was known by another name in the Oregon Secretary of State records, documented with some help from commenters over at this blog post earlier.

Then there's this. Check out the more recent entries.

Administrative dissolution as of January 11, 2018? 
Notice Late Annual November 22, 2017.

In November 2015, according to official State records, Redeemer Church, AKA: The Church at 3210 SE Taylor Street, changed the number of it's officers from 7 down to 2.

So the officer roles do look like they dropped down to just two people playing three roles, president, secretary and registered agent respectively. 

Now according to the Oregon Secretary of State there are a number of grounds for administrative dissolution

The Secretary of State may commence a proceeding under ORS 65.651 (Procedure for and effect of administrative dissolution) to administratively dissolve a corporation if:
(1) The corporation does not pay when due any fees imposed by this chapter;
(2) The corporation does not deliver its annual report to the Secretary of State when due;
(3) The corporation is without a registered agent or registered office in this state;
(4) The corporation does not notify the Secretary of State that its registered agent or registered office has been changed, that its registered agent has resigned, or that its registered office has been discontinued; or
(5) The corporation’s period of duration, if any, stated in its articles of incorporation expires. [1989 c.1010 §138]

One of the most salient changes in the governance of what used to be Mars Hill Portland is that Tim Allen Smith isn't listed as any of the officers in the newly reconstituted Redeemer Church.

At the moment what may be happening is that the entity is reincorporating so as to officially be known in corporate terms what they have advertised themselves as being on their website.  That seems like the best guessed based on the available documentation so far.

"If" something else has been or is going on that's not something that we can address here at Wenatchee The Hatchet at the moment.  But, since we've been documenting stuff by way of LLC listings and so forth for years now, we can, at least, do that much.

As yet the elder roster looks pretty much the same as it has been.


The Elder board of our church currently consists of: Pastor Eric Appleby, Pastor Jon Crist, Pastor Kevin Kelly, Pastor Ryan Mount, Pastor Dan Ortega, Pastor Tim Smith and Pastor Jim Swanson. Two of the Elders of Redeemer Church are also paid staff. They are: Tim Smith, in the role of Lead Teaching Pastor and Kevin Kelly, in the role of Executive Pastor.

God has called all of these men to lead by example and to serve with love, humility and grace, placing care and service to the flock over their own interests. Should you wish to speak to any of our Elders, please email indicating whom you wish to speak with and they will get back to you promptly.

If something is going on down in Portland here's hoping someone can tackle that closer to the site itself.  Wenatchee The Hatchet hasn't been to Portland in about a dozen years.

IF you want to get caught up on a few things connected to mars Hill Portland and its post-MH existence or the role Tim Smith played in the history of Mars Hill there are tags for that now. For folks who might want to revisit the history of Mars Hill attempts to create a music label/record label go to the posts with this tag.

For a more comprehensive index of tagged posts about various aspects of Mars Hill and its history go over here.

The later history of what was once Mars Hill Portland got volatile at a few points and Warren Throckmorton has blog posts about that.



Anonymous said...

NOTE: The Church at 3210 SE Taylor aka Mars Hill Church Portland was renamed Under the name of Redeemer Church - click on following for details -

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

short an 'E" there but ...

does show the continuity of address.


Anonymous said...

Articles of Dissolution were filed 3.14.2018 for RedeemerPDX, see attached link -

Kevin Kelly has been terminated & Tim Smith has Resigned as Senior Pastor

Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

thanks for the heads up. Will make a post referencing the sos listing.

Anonymous said...

NEW DEVELOPMENT - Even though Kevin S Kelly has been terminated it appears he is still involved with RedeemerPDX in helping new leadership team transition to an as yet unknown existence - See attached link to a new Application filed later the same day with State of Oregon for Redeemer Church to continue as an organization. Note who is the Authorized Representative not the Authorized Agent & that the mailing address for the organization is not the church but Kevin Kelly's home address - Seems sort of odd.