Monday, January 26, 2015

another from the Atlantic ... inexplicably yet explicably about Taylor Swift's navel?

There are reasons the internet does not "need" to exist but there's a paragraph that sort of peeked out
from amidst the article.  There's a cultural history in some parts about some parts being ciphers for other parts.

All the jokey chatter around Swift's alleged non-human-ness is amusing enough, but it also inadvertently references decades of earlier American cultural history during which the female navel was seen as indescribably problematic, and a thing that should remain shrouded. In his book The Naked Ape, zoologist and ethologist Desmond Morris wrote that this immense discomfort stemmed from the fact that the female navel was essentially a "genital echo," a kind of symbolic "pseudo-vagina." The belly button served to draw the eye southward, like cleavage (or with men, like the "abdominal V").

"genital echo"?  ... okay ... so if a certain megachurch preacher had tried this more mediating approach ... would the "pseudo-vagina" have made more sense of Song of Songs 2 or ... of Proverbs 3?

for sake of review ...

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